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Thread: Independence Technology to Introduce the INDEPENDENCE iBOT 3000 Mobility System

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    Independence Technology to Introduce the INDEPENDENCE iBOT 3000 Mobility System

    Multimedia Available: Independence Technology to Introduce the INDEPENDENCE iBOT 3000 Mobility System

    Independence Technology to Introduce the INDEPENDENCEâ„¢ iBOTâ„¢ 3000 Mobility System

    Transformational, Innovative Technology for People With Disabilities

    August 2003 (Newstream) -- Independence Technology, a Johnson & Johnson company, on August 13 announced U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the company's INDEPENDENCEâ„¢ iBOTâ„¢ 3000 Mobility System, a patented gyro-balanced personal mobility system that provides new levels of freedom and accessibility for people with disabilities.

    The iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System uses a unique combination of electronics, sensors and software components that work on the principle of balance to continuously and automatically adjust wheel position and seat orientation to stabilize the user.

    The device is the invention of Dean Kamen, founder of DEKA Research & Development Corp., Manchester, NH, with whom Johnson & Johnson partnered to develop the iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System.

    Jean-Luc Butel, president, Independence Technology, describes the iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System as the most thoroughly tested, studied and sophisticated device ever manufactured for the disability community.

    "It is our hope that the arrival of the iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System will create greater awareness of the importance of providing equal accessibility to every person with a disability," said Mr. Butel.

    "It is estimated that approximately two million Americans use a wheelchair or scooter type of mobility aid," Mr. Butel said. "For people with mobility-related disabilities, the iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System represents breakthrough technology not available in any other product. In essence, the iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System empowers users to go where they want to go, helping satisfy the natural human desire for mobility and freedom."

    Functionality Unmatched in Current Mobility Devices

    The iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System has five functioning features. The Balance Function elevates the user to move around at eye level and to reach high places independently. In this function, the front wheels rotate on top of the back wheels while the user remains seated at a higher height. The Stair Function enables the user to safely climb up and down stairs, with or without assistance, often gaining access to previously inaccessible places. The 4-Wheel Function enables the user to climb curbs as high as four inches and to travel over grass and gravel, through sand and across other forms of uneven terrain. The Remote Function allows the user or an assistant to drive the device into a Sport Utility Vehicle or van for easy transport. And the Standard Function enables the user to operate the device in the same manner as if in a traditional power chair.

    Traveling at six miles per hour in Standard Function, the iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System is powered by rechargeable batteries and depending upon usage, can run all day on a single charge. Multiple computer backup systems have been designed to help ensure user safety in all functions. The joystick operated steering system is proportional and directional, comparable to current joystick power wheelchairs on the market today. The iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System features and functions will be customized to the individual requirements of the user.

    National Rollout Planned

    The INDEPENDENCEâ„¢ iBOTâ„¢ 3000 Mobility System is a prescription product. In order to prepare a rehabilitation facility or clinic to prescribe the device, Independence Technology will train clinicians at these facilities to handle the requirements of patient interaction, assessment and training unique to the iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System.

    "Up to 20 rehabilitation facilities nationwide will be available by end of October 2003 to conduct assessments and training," said Mr. Butel. "Following a successful assessment and order confirmation, a patient may expect the device within three to four months."

    An estimated 70 percent of the population of people who use wheelchairs in the United States may qualify to have the iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System prescribed for them. Every person interested in the product will be screened to determine if he or she can use the iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System by a healthcare professional who will assess capabilities and the person's ability to use the device. Some people, however, will not be eligible to use the product because they may not have the full range of abilities required.

    The iBOTâ„¢ Mobility System will be priced at $29,000 per unit and will include a service warranty. The purchase of the product may offset other expenditures a person with a disability may need to make, such as home modifications, ramps, elevators and lower kitchen cabinets. Independence Technology L.L.C. is actively working with private insurance carriers, the Veterans Administration and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to pursue appropriate reimbursement.

    Meeting the Needs of People with Disabilities

    The INDEPENDENCE™ iBOT™ Mobility System is a complementary product to Independence Technology's INDEPENDENCE™ iGLIDE™ Manual Assist Wheelchair with DeltaSense™ Technology and INDEPENDENCE™ maxPRO™ Seat Cushion with Vicair® Technology, both introduced earlier this year. The iGLIDE™ Manual Assist Wheelchair operates similarly to a conventional manual wheelchair, but uses proprietary technology to supplement user input power. The maxPRO™ Seat Cushion with Vicair® Technology, a unique and innovative system that provides both stable body support and pressure relief with the help of hundreds of small, soft air-filled cells, is designed to meet the challenging postural needs of patients with many levels of disability. Every iBOT™ Mobility System will include a maxPRO™ Seat Cushion.

    Independence Technology, a Johnson & Johnson company, is dedicated to increasing the independence of people with disabilities through research and development of the technologies that can provide the assistance they need. Independence Technology is located in Warren, NJ. Johnson & Johnson is the world's most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of health care products.

    For additional information about the INDEPENDENCEâ„¢ iBOTâ„¢ 3000 Mobility System visit or call Independence Technology at 866-204-6126.
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    Johnson & Johnson:

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    Okay, can't resist. Which CARE group should I go to to get them to but me one of these wheel chairs LOL.


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    I'm really interested in this. This would be great considering where I live. Anybody else considering buying this?

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    Hopefully they will demo these in Chicago, I signed up as being interested on their website, so maybe I will get to play with one to see what it is like. I am not too sure if it will be considered medically necessary to be able to climb stairs, but who knows what sort of sudden ailments my doc will find with me necessating my use of one of these Only thing would be I would need a van to haul it around, but I figure if I just keep it around the house it might be useful. It will be interesting to see how insurance picks this thing up, I know I dont want to blow that much money for it.

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    I really want one. I'm going to wait a little bit though because I figure it won't be long until the price will go down, and it will get better. I think I'll have one within 2 years. I can't wait to go on the beach with my daughter!

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    I very much doubt you are going to see the price go down Beaker unfortunately.

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    Hey now, don't go bursting my bubble Curtis.

    Maybe I'll win the lottery. If I do, I'll buy one for everyone at CareCure who wants one. The chances of that happening though are very slim, especially since I've never purchased a lottery ticket.

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    What are going to exclude some people from using these?

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