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Thread: Any C5/C6 quads driving?

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    Any C5/C6 quads driving?

    I am a 26b year old c5/c6 quad 5 years post currently taking driving training at Hershey Med Center but it is not going so well. I was wondering what kind of driving controls others in my situation use? I am using the most advanced equipment Hershey has available, Ahanafield gas brake lever no effort steering with a small steering wheel a headrest for turn signals, horn, and wipers and a switch consol for all the other driving functions. The headrest is my big problem, I saw on EMC controls the same functions can be done by flicking your wrist while gasing or braking, sounds much easier. I am thinking of going two hours away to Philly becouse they have more advanced driving controls. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    I just sent you a private message...

    Take care.


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    I'm a C4/5 who is beginning the driver training as well. I've been to the Moss driving school in Philly. I am now driving 45 minutes further to Kessler in North Jersey because Moss didn't have what I needed. Dan at Moss doesn't believe in the EMC digital steering system and therefore does not have one. I need it and that's why I'm going to Kessler.
    Moss does use the horizontal steering mod. Basically itis a 6 inch steering wheel that can be positioned in various positions and is tied directly into the steering column. It sounds as if this is what you are already using.
    They also have the EMC Gold series touchpad for secondary controls. I didn't see the turn signals incorporated into the EGB, but they may have been there. Moss does have Digivoice which allows you to control stuff with your voice.
    It may be worthwhile for you to go, but you may need to wait 6 weeks for an appointment...I did!

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    I'm c5/6 and will be (hopefully) driving soon. LOOOOOOOOOOONG story with vendor going banckrupt, but finally did get van back. Crysler grandcaravan, w/ramp. I'll get electronic system, not sure details, but probably similar to what others have mentioned. I did practice controlling turn signals with wrist as mentioned by dgortz, but this was with a different driving system, the one with long lever to control accelerator/brake, with wrists to control turn signals. I have yet to try the ekectronic system on the road.

    Do you all drive from chair or captains chair?? I have been struggling with this decision. I have to consider tradeoff with convenience of driving from power chair (though Im more comfortable in manual but not recommended to drive from due to low back/instability and autoloc will add too much addtl weight), and the wear/tear on arms and shoulders and just plain greater trouble time/trouble transfering to capt chair (which would provide greater back support and overall stability, even than the power chair).

    So what have you guys chosen?? I hate to HAVE to use the power chair every time I drive.

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    Here's my setup: A Dodge Caravan Sport with EMC digital electronic controls. I'm a C-4/5 quad and it works great for problems. I just got it back about 3 1/2 month ago.

    More pics at:

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    Hey, i just passed 3 years post and have had my license for about 8 months.
    I've got a lowered 2002 Pontiac Montana with a side lift and the swivel power seat. I went with the lift because i don't use a power chair at all and if it was snowy or raining i wouldn't have been able to make it up the ramp.
    I went with the swivel seat because it was more stable to drive from and i didn't want that bolt on my chair. It took me about 20 long minutes the first time i got in there but now it's down to about 3 or 4 without much effort.
    My controls are pretty simple. I've got a horizontal bar on the left side of the steering column (under the wipers) that i pull/push to accelerate/brake and on the door there's some buttons (cruise, horn, brights) that i hit with my elbows. Steering is all factory with a tri-pin thing on the steering wheel. The total cost of the controls was about $1100 cdn.

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    I don't think I have the balance to drive, even with my corset. I wouldn't mind doing it, if I could (and had the money to adapt my van.) I loved driving before my injury - used to cruise the back roads just for the hell of it. I miss my 200SX (I only had it for about 10 months before I mangled myself. Bought it new in fall of 1980.)

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    c-6 here--i've been driving for sixteen years.

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    Originally posted by alan:

    I don't think I have the balance to drive, even with my corset.
    I use a cheststrap and small lat supports. It works great.

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    Hi Dave,
    I'm a C5 quad, 27 years post who just started driving 5 years ago. I first went to Moss in Philly but after a couple months and not much progress Dan switched mme to Bryn-Marw (SP) rehab near phila., it took 2 hours for me tiwce a week but they had just the set-up I needed! I have a full size ford van, with EGB gas/brake system. Turn signals are with the wrist, works great. Horn & wiper's by elebow. The instructors name was Dee, I think they interact with Moss rehab too. E-mail me if ya want!
    Russ, 35 miles nw of Philadelphia.

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