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    Powerchair; Decision,,,,,,,,,

    I am in the process, on the cusp of getting my first powerchair after 22 years. For several months I've researched info. from vendors/owerns-users/manufacterors about the different types of powerchairs. To meet my needs/uses I narrowed my choices down to three chairs; 1--"the quckie-646", 2-- " invacare-arrow", 3-- "invacare-xterra." After demoing them, both inside my home, as well as outdoors, I settled on the "xterra". Unlike the other two chairs the xterra manuevered the tightest doorways/hallways/turns in my home. More importantly, outdoors it performed very well , specifically on "less then ideal" surfaces, "rough terrain" [ bumpy-unlevel grass/dirt/gravl/hills/dips]. The xterra would be my choice.
    However, a late thought/consideration has now thrown a "wrench" into my choice of the xterra. Iam a c-4-5 quad and cannot do a "weight shift" on my own, I usually ask someone to help assist me in doing so. Okay, now that I am going to have a powerchair which will give me much more freedom, which means I will be sitting up longer periods of time. This means "weight shifts" will be more important, and I do plan on venturing out without people to assist me. Therefore a "tilt seating system" maybe a smart feature to have.

    "Problematic decision";
    The chair, "xterra", that I want, feel comfortable in, and suits my needs/uses very well does not come with a tilt system. So tomorrow on Thrus. 8/7, my vendor is dropping off the new "invacare-TDX 5" for me to use until Tuesday. Yes, both chairs look alike but they are not, nor is the TDX 5 the next generation "xterra". They are close, but the "xterra" is built/engineered for heavy outdoor rugged use which I need and the TDX 5 does have a tilt system option.

    Here's where I would like to get the opions/thoughts from the Spinalnurses and others on my dilemma. "Do I give up a little bit of rougded/strong outdoor performance, for a tilt system with a little less outdoor performance????" Also; "Spinalnurse, how would you evalulate/determine if someone needs a "tilt sead????"

    Thank you in advance for your reply's,,,,,,,,FreeJ

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    I would defiantly consider a tilt or tilt & recline seat. It would enable you to independently do weight shifts without assistance. Have your Dr. write a letter of medical necessity. It should be just fine outdoors and in. You shouldn't be giving up any performance at all. Mine doesn't.

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    Hi, Freej, Nothing's ever easy, is it?

    I'd ask myself how much time I really spend outdoors in 'rugged terrain', as opposed to the need for a chair that gives you the tilt and recline features. If you're a really outdoorsy kind of guy, then maybe the xterra features are more important to you; but if you don't go chasing around in the woods a lot , then being able to do your own weight shifts is right up there at the top of the list.

    You know Matt just got the Permobil, and it's given him so much more independence being able to weight shift by just tilting, and not having to rely on anyone else. Plus, when he's out, just tilting in the chair looks way cooler than having to have some help him get back up from a shift. Oh, and taking a little snooze in the 'tilt' position is great, too!

    Apples? Oranges? Peaches? Tuff decision! Good luck!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Whatja decide on???

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    I will put it simply, if you develop a sore from lack of shifts, how often will you be in the great outdoors?

    Balance in life is soooo hard to obtain.

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    I've had a Permobil for a little over a year now. The comfort is great and I'm no longer dependent on other people for weight shifts and minor adjustments. It has tilt, recline, and foot rest adjustments. It does pretty well outside - I've traveled some pretty steep hills and bumpy lawns with no problem. I can also maneuver through narrow hallways and doors.

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