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Thread: To become older...

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    To become older...

    I'm 34 years old and paralysed since May 2002 (level T8). I've learned to deal with my handicaps, but sometimes I'm worried about the future. What's gonna happen when I'm 60 or so? Do I have enough power to make transfers, or to wheel around in the city? And what about my daily routines like bowel and bladder management and bathing. I'm afraid I will end up in an electric wheelchair in some hospital, because I can't take care for myself. My wife and son will be older and for them it will become difficult too the take care for me.
    How do you look at this situation and are there any older people with SCI to give me advice?

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    I'm 53 and post 35 years ( T2-5)and the good news is in your life time there will be effective therapies. I take life one day at a time as you never know what the future holds, so don't worry about what you can't control!!!


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    I debated anout replying to your post because I hate to cause any worry. I'm a C-7 36 years post
    and 35 years in a manual chair and transferring in and out of cars, beds, boats, jeeps and working full time has taken a toll on my shoulders and body as a whole. I've had more skin flap surgeries than I can remember and now my ppain level has me dependent on several opiates and a baclofen pump. Both wrist flexors have been surgically repaired and I have no rotator cuff in my right shoulder.The whole shoulder needs replaced. Much of it was my fault because I didn't pay much attention to doctors who told me to take it easy. I still manage to work full time though I'm not near as independent. Iguess the one piece of advice is to go easy on the shoulders. Consider letting someone help with difficult transfers and maybe consider a car top lift for the chair and some power assist wheels. I've acquired a set of e-motion wheels and they added several years to my shoulder life. I've heard it from able bodied people too but if I knew I was gonna live this long I'd have taken better care of myself.WR

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