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Thread: Went skydiving

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    Went skydiving

    My sister and I went skydiving last week. I put the pictures on a webpage.

    Here's the address-

    ... ...

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    Wow, looks like fun. Good deal.

    Question? where did you get those colored tires on your chair? been looking for some colored ones for my chair.

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    looks like a blast congrats.

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    Great Pics! It is nice to know that my Tuesday morning nausea was justified!!!

    I can hear your WoooHooo from here..


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    great pictures however im surprised you didnt accuse bush of using the air force to shoot at you.

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    Nice pictures. How was your landing? Your legs hit the ground first? Also who carries emergency parachute, I dont see it on pictures?

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    I got tires from a local bike shop- Beachwood Bicycles- (732) 349-2333 They charged me $20 per tire. They would prob ship you a pair.

    I found the website of the manufacturer, but they're in Japan-

    kl, we put the harness on so my knees were bent. My feet didn't touch at all. The landing was smoooooth. The tandem instructor has both shutes on his back. After jumping I asked how often the main chute fails, and he said about 1/1000. It has happened to him about a dozen times. He's jumped almost 13,000 times. Death by skydiving is about 1/20,000.

    Here's the website of the place i jumped-

    ... ...

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    That's truly amazing... I wish I had the guts to pull that one off

    Nice pictures. Do you think the instructor will stop when he gets to jump number 19,999?


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    JLB, too cool! Before Bruce and Heather decide that they just have to try this, could you explain how you got safely down? I'm serious . . . they've been parasailing and whitewater rafting since the day he broke his neck while they were skiing, and they're always looking for new adventures. I'd like to see pix of the landing, if you have them. Thanks!

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    It is very interesting that your knees were bent. I jumped 3 times when I was 15 years old and I had very hard landings. It was long, long time ago in galaxy far, far away, parachutes were different. I jumped alone but my parachute opened automatically second after I jumped.

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