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Thread: Rigid Chairs

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    Rigid Chairs

    As some of you know I am new to this world but have been doing a lot of reading trying to become knowlegeable about my condition. I've seen a lot written about the advantages of rigid chairs and wonder if someone could comment on this topic. It would seem to me that it would be a pain to have to take off the wheels and then not have the chair fit easily into places that a folding chair fits. They also told me at rehab that you don't get a rigid chair for your first chair. Info would be appreciated.




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    My first chair was a semi rigged and I hatted it. It was like a tank at a total weight of 33 lbs. Now I have a total weight of 18 lb rigged chair and would not trade it for non rigged chair. Just make sure that you think about what you get before its to late to change your mind. Ask your wheelchair rep for a demo to use for a period of time of both kinds. Its a very important decision, you have to deal with what you get for a awhile.

    best of luck on the wheelchair hunt

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    I had a folding rental for about two weeks before my OT decided it wasn't sufficient for my lifestyle. I'm now using a demo chair (Invacare A4) that is much more manoueverable than the folding Quicky Breezy 600 that I previously had. But the A4 still weighs nearly 30 lbs. Fortunately, I'm in the process of getting a rigid chair of my own which will likely weigh 15-17 lbs. My advice: get the rigid chair if you want to have any semblance of your pre-injury mobility.

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    The chairs sound good while you are in them but what about transporting?


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    Creaky, heavy, and you still might have to take the wheels off to fit it in a car anyway.
    Lighter, less parts, and well, I like it, it is my first chair after several months of a loaner folder that sucked.

    Some things that are a pain:
    Removable foot rests, too much garbage to assemble.
    Desk style armrests, too big and heavy.

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    Originally posted by parapal:

    The chairs sound good while you are in them but what about transporting?
    good question; what's your method of transportation?

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    I have a two door Honda Accord and am also considering trying a plane trip to California this fall.


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    the Accord is a low transfer, but not out of the question. As you're a para, heck, I'd get a lightweight rigid. It shouldn't be hard to pop the wheels off (it only takes seconds), toss them on the seat behind you, & fold the back of the chair down & pull it to the passenger seat.

    Airlines can deal with anything; I wouldn't worry about the type of chair w/ them.

    I think you'd be surprised how compact some rigid chairs are w/o wheels.

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    Hubby had a loaner Quickie2 (folding) after he came home from hospital... he just hated it. He used Quickie r2 (rigid) while in the hospital and that's what he ordered and used for past two years. It has several bugs, but was definitely lighter for me to pick up and load on a back seat of our car... He is getting Quickie Titanium (rigid) that should be only about 16 lbs (to compare to r2 - about 25). He wants to get a pick up truck and start driving, plus he is very active... It always depends on what you want to use the chair for and how much you are willing to pay for it (if your insurance won't pay for one).

    It's definitely great to try a few of them out before you decide which one you like the best.


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    I have a Top End Ti and cant believe how great it is compaired to other rigid chairs. I have traveled with friends who have both R2's and A4's and they are giant, bulky and heavy as bricks. I couldnt imagine the weight of a folder. With the Top End I can fit it just about anywhere, in the smallest trunks, in backseats, front seats and anywhere it needs to be. With a fold down backrest it is no problem. Airlines are fine with it also and with a Ti chair there is no paint to chip off when they take them and you just pray they come back in one piece.

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