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    Life Expectancy

    I just got engaged to a c5/6 incomplete quad. He is 20 years post injury. The doctors told him that they didn't expect him to live past the age of 30 (he was 18 at the time), that his kidneys would fail from sitting so much. He's about to turn 39. He knew in his heart that he'd "outlive" the expectations of the doctors (stubborn Irish). But, he only thinks he has 10 - 15 years left.

    I was just wondering if anyone else was told this, and beat the odds? I'm going to marry this man either way. And I will be grateful for how ever many years we have together.

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    Nicci, even 20 years ago these physicians were wrong, and care has improved so much that the numbers are increasing all the time.

    This has been discussed here extensively in the past, here most recently:

    Life expectancy with SCI

    How well he takes care of himself, and getting regular check-ups to find any problems early is critical for maximizing this. Get him on-line to this site too!


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    No one knows but GOD..

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    Congrats on your engagement Nicci!

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    i was told i would die at 29 if i didnt let him operate on my bladder. ofcourse i told him no. i was 19 at the time, 32 today. he told me he was the only urologist between houston and LA. i guess he read stupid across my head. anyway a few years later i saw him on national tv. he has a gap between front teeth.

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