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Thread: ''Dolphins'',,,,,,,,,meaning,,,,,,,,

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    Ya know how different animals/fish/insects/birds have a symbolic meaning,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,Does anyone know what the symbol/statue/pendent of a ''dolphin'' symbolizes/means,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,Thanx Freej

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    Thanks, Freej - Your question just gave me an excuse to keep unpacking, and surf the web! Here's what I found:

    "Dolphins are thought to carry departed souls to the next incarnation. When dolphins leap often, a storm is coming. A dolphin image signifies joyous, childlike play and helpfulness."

    From this website, which gives a rundown on all the animal's meanings:

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Hi Jackie,,, i'm glad i was able to serve you well, and give you an exuse to slack off from unpacking. also, i shoulda known ''marmalady'' would come through w/ an answer to an whimsicle-like inquiry,,,,but serious. anyhow thanx for the reply and lead.

    I hope allz well w/ your move. i was think'n bout u, know'g that u n ur hubby n matt were leav'g jersey for the warm clime of socaro. i hope the move was ok for matt, ''went smoothly.''

    i'm gonna e/m u soon to see how ur do'n, what it's like,,,, you do have the same e/m addy,,,i hope. hang in there, 'n best 'o luck in the transition. talk soon.

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