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Thread: Isch Dish Cushion?

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    Isch Dish Cushion?

    Has anyone tried this one. My OT seemed to think it would be a good idea, seeing as my butt bones get sore even on the cushiest of cushions. This one has a hole in the back for your ischials and sacrum, so supposedly all your weight is on the hamstrings and outside area of your butt. Hmm.

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    Hello Mickey, I have been using Ish-Dish from the beginning of my disable life style,(nine years) and never had a pressure sore to date. I do recommend doing pressure relief through out the day though..

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    if anyone has any more info on this cushion plz let me know. it sounds like something i could use because no matter what i sit on i feel like its rubbin right in the middle of my butt. thnx

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    cardinal ish dish cushion

    I have been using an ish dish cushion for a number of years.
    It is not my primary cushion, which is a roho.
    When I need to get weight off my tail bone, I use the ish dish.
    It allows 100 percent of the weight to transffer off the tail bone and ishchial bones.
    It is a very good cushion and if you are butt pain or discomfort it should work very well.
    Good luck.

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    Keep an eye on your legs during the transition since it may not provide as much protection there. Other than that, use em and like em.

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    I love the Isch-dish!!!

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