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Thread: Remembering vs not remembering

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    Yeah, I really wish I remembered and knew just exactly what happened. I'm 10 years post and still from time to time wonder. Last thing I remember is leaving this party I was at, about 10 minutes away is where I had my accident. I have no memory of even driving on any of the roads I was on. In my case I'm sure It was a major concussion that wiped out my memory. Kind of like when football players get a concussion in a game and cant even remember playing in much earlier parts of the game.

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    How About..I`m Reminded of my accident everyday I wake up!
    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"

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    Starlight, I understand the psychological defense thing. If that is the case for me, I'm assuming those memories are there and can be uncovered. What if it's physiological though? Does that mean that there's no way to get those memories? Thanks.

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    I don't remember being struck by the car which is probably a good thing. I'd hate to be haunted by images of a dark car with the red tail lights backing straight towards me and being too overwhelmed by fear, panic, terror? get out of the way. Or maybe I didn't hear or see it until it was too late. Either way it would be too traumatizing to relive although I am curious. I chose the undecided option.

    I was able to move my legs after my injury too. I had voluntary control of all of my limbs for about two days after the accident. It was probably the way that I was moved or handled after the accident that lead to the paralysis. If today's protocol about moving injured people had been in effect during the 70's, my only injury would have been the concussion which I recovered from.

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    Originally posted by Beaker:

    Starlight, I understand the psychological defense thing. If that is the case for me, I'm assuming those memories are there and can be uncovered. What if it's physiological though? Does that mean that there's no way to get those memories? Thanks.

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    In order to determine physiological damage you'd probably have to get some cognitive testing, plus a neurological exam (MRI, e.g.) before they can determine further.

    As for "recovering" memories, I'm not really an expert on that area, but if you really want to go that route I would recommend getting a LOT of professional counseling first, just to make sure you will be able to handle it mentally (this goes for _anyone_ who is thinking of going this route).

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    I don't remember my accident but I relive every minute of that day when that day rolls around. It will be 6 years August 14th. I remember calling my new girl friend on my cell and making plans on coming to her house for supper.
    I remember asking the guy I was riding with to take me back to my truck. We hadn't gone a mile when it happen. I remember looking towards our little town and that's it.
    Don't know what happen after that. Some say he had a blow out on a tire and others say he was driving to fast. I just don't remember him driving fast.
    He rolled the truck 4 times front bumper to rear bumper. We didn't have our seat belts on. Good thing I didn't either because the cab of the truck on my side was push down into the seat.
    When people got there the guy driving was looking around for me. Found me under a truck bed mate with my head up against a tree. They say his girlfriend mother held my neck so I could breath until rescue squad got there.
    It's a small town and every heard about. So a woman called my family and my uncle came to the wreck, well both of them did. He said I talk to him and made him go with me to the hospital. I don't remember any of that. Don't remember much for a few weeks.
    The guy driving had a few cuts and scrapes and walked away. Seen him from a distance last year for the first time. He ducked his head and walked away. I've known him all of my life. He came one time to the hospital.
    I don't hate him but I don't care for him either. The way he has done things he'll have to pay for it one of these days Maybe not in this life but somewhere down the road.
    One thing have notice is that sci only seems to happen to good people. I know people who aren't worth killing and they can have wreck after wreck and walk away with a cut. First real wreck I was ever in and ended up breaking my neck. Just isn't fair.

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    I actually remember the moment I broke my neck. My head snapped back, I saw stars, then blacked out for a while. I new immediately that I was in a bad way.


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    Go by feeling.

    BTW, moving about does not mean one's self has to be much along.
    There is a systems cluster I call the sequencer,
    and I think thalamus is a main centering,
    simplified to do with the supervision of main movement sequences.

    Alike when people gesture around absently with their hands while talking, one can partially also observe, what simplified is sequencer and when the self starts to steer along again.

    I am not aware of my self to have long term memory capacities.

    Two systems I seem to use in a way, seem to have so,
    one I guess the neuros call hippocampus,
    and the other is a system I call front (part in the frontal cortex, but I don't know the neuro name).

    Might be something with the data storing went weird.

    (Alike maybe a bunch of transmitters out that normally are not like this.
    Or systems regulations disturbed.
    Or some other cause?)


    P.S.: With my concussion I can remember parts, but it is highly uncomfortable to do this.
    Also the memory in the start felt wrong, as alike the main damaged zone would have to activate something for this, but felt alike scarred inside, and not able to do this without damages to there.
    So I had to wait alike there healing more.
    Not well explained I guess.

    Anyway, is highly uncomfortable for me till this day.

    And partially fragmental.
    I assume something alike integration of differing senses broke down.

    Hm, R. wants his computer back.

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    I remember everything up to when they druged me up to keep me calmed. My dad was to nervous and I had to be the one giving my info after they took me out of the water. I was 12, remained calm (at first at least) and had a horrible headache. Once i got to the first hospital they pumped me up with tranquiliers but I remember when they put me in the chopper asnd thats it steardy wise. After that there r only flashes.

    I don't feel haunted by these, in fact, knowing each moment has helped me help my mom in dealing with what happened. I also think that knowing how it was my fault and nothing else, has allowed me to keep loving the ocean and not be afriad of it. (that's the one place i speed to when life gets too stressful).

    ...and the soul afraid of dyin'... That never learns to live...

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    I just wanted to thank everyone who posted and/or voted. The results surprised me.

    I think this is something I will pursue. Probably not soon, but someday.

    33 year old T4/5 complete
    25 years post

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