The "What did you feel?" post has me thinking (again) about my memories of my accident. I remember absolutely nothing. Paramedic reports say that I was conscious, even walking around at the scene. I've always felt like there is some key pieces of the puzzle of my life missing because I can't remember the accident. I've tried so hard to remember, but there's just nothing there. About a year ago, I got a copy of the police report and then I tracked down and called a guy who came upon the scene. He was a bit of a chatterbox, and he remembered it well, so I got lots of info from him. But, talking to him didn't bring up any memories. My sister, who does remember, has said that she wishes she didn't remember. I've thought about seeking the help of a professional to help me remember, but I've wondered if it would be better to not remember.

For those of you who were injured in some sort of accident, how do you feel about this subject? Thanks. This is a subject that's I've thought about for many many years and I can't seem to let it go.

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