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Thread: Dealing with the in-laws

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    Dealing with the in-laws

    Maybe I am over reacting but at least I can vent and you guys can tell me if I should shut up. My in-laws are driving me crazy. My sister in law is mentaly disabled. She has the mind of a five year old. I think that because I am in a chair they feel I need their help just as well. Only my legs dont work, everything else is fine! My mother in law snapped some wise ass comment when I dropped my pen at the ballgame and my father in law jumped up to get it. I just reached down and picked it up, no big deal. But of course "I wouldnt let anyone help you either". I dont even go to their house anymore. The wife and kids go alone. These people are driving me NUTS. Now they are pissed because my brother is building a shed for me and the in-laws had offered to do it. He can barely walk due to a bad hip and he wants to build my shed? I could write a novel on how these people drive me crazy.

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    Everyone's in-laws drive them nuts.
    It's part of marriage...
    Stick to your guns with them and communicate.
    Can't get anywhere in life if you don't communicate.


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