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Thread: A tale of two women...

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    A tale of two women...

    I know of two women who are both in their 30's who work together. Each of them has had major problems with weight. Some time ago(close to a year, I think), one of them had gastric bypass surgery and has lost close to 100 pounds. The other hoped for the same and went for a consult a few months ago. While the doctor agreed that she was obese, he didn't feel that she was overweight enough to warrant the surgery.

    How has she taken that news? She has been eating everything she can - telling people that she is trying to put on more weight so she will qualify for the surgery.


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    seek therapy immediately

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    She's one sick puppy.

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    There are some really sick people out there. I remember back around the highschool days I went to a party hosted at some really fat chick's house where the story was her obesity was due to glandular problems...then I watched her devour an entire pizza, hmmmm.

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    If you're not sure about a food, wipe it on a piece of paper. If the paper turns clear, it's your window to weight gain.

    -Dr. Nick

    Did this episode of the Simpsons come to anyone else's mind?

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    I recently took the boys to an amusement park. This lady was so wide the armrests were not down and her stomach ALMOST touched her toes when she was sitting. Then what astonished me was she lit a cig with oxygen in her nose. Wonder what would happen if she was to explode?

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    ITs a dangerous and scary surgery..a total last resort and only if the persons life is otherwise totally compromised. This is my firm opinion...not documented fact..argue all you want there are better ways...


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    I didn't start this to be critical of people who are grossly overweight - I was just appalled that somebody would try to gain more weight to qualify for this surgery.

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    I think it's really sad. I don't know what it's like to have eating issues, but it must suck. To gain weight so she can have the surgery - she must be miserable.

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