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Thread: Another Old Topic - TV/Films

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    Another Old Topic - TV/Films

    Following on from jmublueduck's (how do you guys think up these names?) question, I am reviving another old topic,i.e.

    What film or television programme do you think best depicts a spinal cord injured person?

    We've had reruns of old Ironside episodes which made me think of this. Although it doesn't depict paraplegia the most accurately, I like the way there was this guy who just carried on with his job - and he was still the boss and everyone did what he told them.

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    I liked the guy who had the recurring role on "Providence" on TV before it went off the air.

    For movies, I still like "Waterdance".

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    monkey shines or the bone collecter

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    "my Left Foot" was awesome.

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    Coming Home, hands down winner

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    I like "An Affair to Remember". Great chick flick, all matching dresses and coats. Then you can laugh at the depiction of SCI. Deborah Kerr's way beautiful, just a-lying on the couch. No wheelchair, canes or catheters in sight. Being really noble in case Cary Grant stops by. I saw it the first time in rehab. My best friend and I nearly passed out laughing.

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    Originally posted by Cory:

    Born on the 4th of July.
    Yes. This is one of the best IMO..
    And The Other Side of the Mountain.

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    Who's life is it anyway
    esp. the reggae scene where the band took off leaving the quad holding the spleef!

    The fight scene in Waterdance was great
    "kick him!"

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    depends how cynical you want to get... Office Space either had a too accurate/scary depiction of SCI -or- one of the absolute worst poke-fun depictions of SCI I've seen in a movie, aside from the fact that Tom Smykowski (character played by Richard Riehle) could move slightly in a halo.

    hehe.. btw Chris2, scroll 1/3 of the way down on this thread to find out about my name here.

    ~ scott

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