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    I went for the first time in 3 yrs. The bass were laying in the moss wanting to jump on my line. A 2 pounder first cast! Even with these fingers I can tie on a lure (well, them and my teeth.) It was too hot so I had to go back in, but it was great. The poison ivy on my face, not so great.

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    Congratulations on catching a 2 pound bass on your first trip out!! Welcome to the wonderful world of fishing and I hope you have many more successful trips in the future.

    Regarding that Poison Ivy...I would learn how to recognize this stuff along with Poison Oak and avoid it. I take it you were fishing from the bank and I would recommend trying it from a boat to avoid the critters (ticks, mosquitoes, etc.) and the nasty vegetation.

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    Did someone mention fishing?

    Congrats Betheny! I love fishing offshore down here in Florida.


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    Pour water on yourself to cool off.

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    Way to go, Betheny! Nothing like the thrill of catching a fish!

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    Originally posted by Brad_D:

    I love fishing offshore down here in Florida.
    what's your trick for gettting offshore?

    (obviously a boat... but how?)

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    Originally posted by jmublueduck:

    what's your trick for gettting offshore?

    (obviously a boat... but how?)
    We have a boat with a wide transom door and I use a set of ramps to get from the dock to the boat. I also have two cleats in the floor to secure my chair down so it doesn't tip over (again) in heavy seas. It took some trial and error over the years to figure things out.

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