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Thread: Hey Emi!

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    Hey Emi!

    Hi! I know you are in your last weeks of pregnancy and I was wondering if you've had any significant problems with your pregnancy as a result of your SCI? Specifically I'm referring mainly to bladder, bowel, and skin. Did you have to change/adjust any of your programs? Did you have to get help (ie: homecare) as your pregnancy progressed? Are you still able to do transfers by yourself? Are you able to roll over in the night by yourself?
    These are just mental notes that I'm making to myself in case I need this info eventually.
    Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.

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    Hey No problem! I've been lucky enough to have had a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy. I've had some issues with bladder infections ( I use an indwelling ) which had to be treated even though they weren't symptomatic because UTI's can cause preterm labour and pregnancy makes it 50% easier for a UTI to spread to the kidneys. I had to be on IV drugs because the bacteria werent sensitive to any safe oral antibiotics. They placed a PICC line in case I needed further IV therapy but so far I haven't. My growing belly and increased weight have been interfereing with my transfers, weight shifts, etc. since about 7 months so I've been using a Hoyer Lift (I normally do sliding board transfers). I can still weight shift, turn at night (using bed ladders), and sliding board onto my shower bench (with great difficulty) and barely bend over to reach my leg bag to empty it. In the last few weeks my feet have been swelling even more than normal so I try to lie down and elevate them during the day or at least for a few hours in the evening. I have nearly full sensation and my hips/tailbone/back have been aching (sometimes bringing me to tears) for the last 4 months. Increased ROM's have helped though. In the last few days the baby has dropped and I feel like I'm sitting on a watermelon. I had to get some increased assistance from my family and PCA's. As far as Dr.s, I have an OB who I saw monthly but now its every two weeks as well as consultations with the infectious disease doc(for UTI's) and high risk clinic and anesthesiologist. I've had monthly ultrasounds since 5 months. Right now the plan for delivery is for me to go into the hospital the first week of July (my due date is the 20th) in case I go into labour and get dysreflexic but hopefully hold out until the 10th or so when they will insert an epidural catheter (in case I need epidural drugs fast to stop dysreflexia) and induce me. Theres about a 50% chance I can have a vaginal delivery with forceps at the end to get the baby out.
    At this point I'm just ready to have the baby, cuddle my daughter and start figuring out how to take care of a newborn! I hope to breastfeed so well see how that goes....
    I'll keep you updated and feel free to ask any questions you want!

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
    ~ Anon

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