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Thread: Children's behavior

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    Children's behavior

    What sort of behavior in children bugs you and what do you do to stop it?

    My grandkids have this habit of answering questions about their behavior with the tired old phrase "I don't know". I put a stop to it by telling them they had to pay a nickel each time they said it. I now have a tidy sum put away that I can use to buy them gifts when they are deserve it.

    "And so it begins."

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    Its not the kids, its the parents. "If you do that again I'm gonna blah blah blah...." After ten times they are still fighting with the kid. Smack his ass and get on with it.

    All I have to do is look at my boys and they know its time to settle before dad has to talk...then its to late.

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    Pat, that worked on me for about five minutes and I was right back at whatever I was doing. I don't think it works for every kid. :shrug:


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