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Thread: Wal-mart parking again

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    What do you get out of bashing each other?

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    JT - Agreed with your last post.

    Lass, Cjo - paralysis in all its shapes, forms, ages and function is different for each one of us. None more right or more wrong, fair on unfair. We're all getting by the best we know how.

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    I got attacked because I said it would me more fun to have the option of walking versus not walking. I stand by that statement. While it may not be fun for Angela, life would be a lot more fun for me if I could walk, tiresome as it may be.

    My ignorance statement came from you saying that quads may have it easier because they don't have to transfer themselves. Perhaps I'm the ignorant one - if there are quads out there that feel this way. I know, for myself, anything I can do for myself is a major accomplishment, not something I'd rather let others do for me.

    Angela asked a question. I answered it. I think maybe we need an 'empathizing' forum.

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    Im tired of seeing all these fat asses "walking" to go shop! They can do something about their so called "disabilty". All these doctors are giving out disabled license's like its candy. In my opinion if you can walk to shop then you dont need a handicap spot! My uncle got his leg blown off in Vietnam and he dont even have a placard cuz he says he dont need it! Sorry if I offended any over weight people, i'll trade their fat for my injury, then they can definately use the disabled parking spot.

    "You can even ask Beavis, I get nothin Butt-head."

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    WeedMyLips, I think you're going too far with your statements. Overweight people are one thing, but you were very broad in what you wrote.

    There are many many instances of people who can walk who are in need of handicapped spaces. As long as there is a spot for my van where I can get out without having to worry about getting blocked in, I'm satisfied.

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    Great - another forum. Funny cjo.

    Kort - you're right about the docs handing out placards 'like candy'. I always wonder about what the 'requirements' are for both patient and doc to receive/issue a placard?

    And are they consistent state to state?

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    Phebus - I'm sure I would never be asked to moderate such a forum. I get confused too, but I think kort is now weed hopper instead of WeedMyLips.

    I knew of a girl that had a handicapped placard when she was 8 months pregnant. That is candy.

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    cjo, thx for the clarification.

    Apologies to the 'weeds'.

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    You summed that up very nicely. I agree with you completely. It's making sure there's room to open the car door all the way that's important for us.

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    Originally posted by Vicki:

    Parking in a van designated spot when you dont need room to drop a ramp is just plain rude. No offense, but they are there for a reason, just 'parking lot vulture' around till something else suitable appears, everyone else does it. You didnt park in the wheelchair spots before your disability did you?

    And on an other note, now that I have the opportunity to notice stuff like this, what is with the 400 lb heifer that gets handicap parking privilages, easy solution...stop eating more than your body burns...what a disabilty! And I love the people with a little limp or some other obviously minor ailment getting the handicapped parking privilages, geeze, you think that the extra 200 feet of walking they save by parking in the hc spots will really help during the 1/2 mile or so stroll they will take while visiting the mall, eh? Anyway, off my soapbox for now,

    I agree with your thoughts.

    I guess you can't please everyone though. I would not mind parking my van further away from the door because I am in an electric wheelchair, however I do not think that it is fair to individuals who have to manually push their chair.


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