Hey you newbies and veterans. When I went through rehablitation I was so confused and disoriented I took any information greedily and hung on to it. Now 20 years post (c6 complete) I think there have been a lot of new "standards" or equipment for SCI. Need some fresh ideas.

Some days, recently I have been fighting an UTI that's run me into the ground, I would like some help. Perhaps just have someone take the garbage out. .

Form injury in 1982, I have been using 1980's " way of life. My goal being to live independently, so now I live by myself, a lonely old man <sarcasm>

I use an external catheter with a Bard leg bag, extension tubing and straps. All individual parts, which I need help assembling, what are other quads using? Night drainage bags, 2000ml, I hate getting up in the middle of the night to empty it, any changes?

What's going to happen when I'm in my 50's (around the corner) and I fall and I can't get up (the infamous commercial striking home), Baker act?

What happens to old quads?