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Thread: Hello Community

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    Hello Community

    Hi community, I'm new to this community as well as the world of SCI. I am c6-7 due to a diving accident. I joined because I want to meet people who share the same disability and where I can find information on related subjects.Since my injury (9 months post) I have had bouts with Autonomic Dysriflexia,UTI's and minor skin breakdown. I'm still learning how to navigate this site. P.S anyone from the San Francisco Bay Area

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    I'm about a year and a half post injury (C5-6 complete) and have found this message board very informative. Also quite entertaining


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    Welcome BryonK

    Glad you found us.

    ... ...

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    welcome amigo !

    "you never know what tomorrow may hold "

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    Welcome, Bryon!

    I'm C6/7 due to a diving accident also. But mine happened in 1980. Funny thing is ... I've learned more in the past couple years since having his site available than I learned prior to that!!

    Hope you enjoy the site. And check out the chatroom.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Welcome BryonK. Sorry about your accident.

    You'll find all types, sizes, and styles here

    Usually we don't bite...hard.

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    Hi Byron,
    I live in the North Bay now, formerly of Berkeley. I'm c-6 12 yrs.

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    Welcom ByronK!!

    I am mom of Heather, 11 year old T-12. 3 years post

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    Hi Bryan. I'm C8 and 24 years post. Welcome to CareCure!

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    Originally posted by seneca:

    Hi Bryan. I'm C8 and 24 years post. Welcome to CareCure!
    Oh my gosh! All of this time I thought you were female!!!!! I'm so sorry!!!

    *blushing big time*

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