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Thread: clothes

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    does anyone here modify there clothes? Or do you buy them modified? Or do you just buy something from the store and wear as is?
    just a question cus I am finding when I go buy pants or something alot of the ones I like are hip huggers low riding so then added to when u sit...well you get the idea

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    i just buy regular levi's and wear them as is .

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    hi sh0rty.
    i buy "as is". jeans, or any pants for that matter, are one of the hardest articles of clothing for me to buy. i'm really thin and have long legs, so finding pants with enough length is what i have trouble with. also, i've found that having stretch in them helps getting them on, and is more comfortable.
    ... i miss wearing skirts *sighs*

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    I've had suits hand talored and off the rack altered. Off the rack alterations work, but there is nothing like a hand tailored suit.

    As for jeans, shirts, etc. I just buy off the rack. Only dress slacks and suits are worth the extra expense.

    Although I did take some Nike sweat pants and made them into long shorts. They had a zipper and button top that I like when I'm wearing sport shorts. draw strings suck.

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    They have great pants and shorts that are cut specifically for wheelchair users. I've got a bunch of thier stuff and I love it.

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    I don't have anything modified, except a few loops on zippers on my pants/shorts. I guess I'm not the best to ask about women's cut jeans or anything like that... ya'll have it WAY too complicated I'm all about casual stuff... mostly relaxed-cut jeans or khakis & a polo shirt / tshirt, although I'm in track gear today (ironic, yes, but hey, it's comfy). Whatever works, go for it. I don't think special stuff is necessary though.

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    I have the same problem, it can be really frustrating/depressing shopping in a mall! I found wearing a long shirt is the only option...

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    Theophania, or whatever her screen name is, has some info for ladies' wear if I recall correctly... I think she wrote a book too. May be useful to search through some old threads.

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    Lena - Victoria's Secret catalogue ( is one of the few places that will actually sell pants that are size 4 with a 32 in. inseam.

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    This is the url for that site, but it is currently off-line for some reason:

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