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Thread: My new EMC driving system w/ pics...

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    My new EMC driving system w/ pics...

    I just got it back last week. I had the EMC AEVIT-W digital steering system, the Electronic gas/brake and the Gold series secondary controls installed into my 2000 Dodge Caravan Sport. It's a great setup. My fist time driving in 18 years. I've been out practicing all week.

    More pics at:

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    Looking good! Driving sure does open up new freedoms, enjoy!


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    That's some cockpit!! How cool...congrats!

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    Way to go Brad.


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    Thanks guys.

    I' really enjoying my new found freedom. I'm taking it slow right now. Driving is the easy part, it's getting used to the other crazy ones out there that's the hard part. Just watch out when I get out on the road!...Here comes Miss Daisy. LOL

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    Yes, driving is an awesome freedom.
    Be careful, have fun. Great.

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    Nice van! I want more info on the Snapper. How did you get on that thing?

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    what is that thing on the floor with the Gold color in it? and, can u switch your steering system back to the regular one?

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    I have a shop lift in the ceiling of my garage and I just have lift that gets clipped on. Easy in and out.

    Snapper Mower:

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    The gold units on the ground are the CPUs that run the steering and gas/brake systems.

    It's easy to swith the steering back for an AB to drive. There's a green lock out pin in the bottom of the steering column (see image below) that unlocks the servo motor from the steering column, and an on/off switch for the whole system under the dash.

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