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Thread: what are you afraid of? you are like me

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    what are you afraid of? you are like me

    i mopped my floor today, and as much as i mopped up, i left tire tracks behind me. suchis the envelopment of my life. please, let us rant and rage out the frustration of this situation that we have been blessed with

    oh indeed, the 14 great points of being like us.
    oh i love being in a chair.
    dude, i would love to find you and beat out all my aggessions out on your wheels
    (you of course realize that i would let you beat them out on mine as well).
    we would take our chairs and throw them at each other, and then through windows,etc...

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    Vent away... that's what we're all here for.

    BTW, I hope one of these days we WILL be able to throw our chairs out the window - and walk away smiling.

    Hang in there.

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    You know what's funny....before I got hurt? I never really saw the value in making a bed with perfectly square corners, that you could "bounce a quarter off of."

    Now, for some odd-ball's an ego thing for me. I'm going to make my bed better than any "able bodied" person could EVER do, 2nd only to my grandmother.

    You know why? Because THOSE OTHER people...don't have the guts to do it right. Im cooler than they are.

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