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    I just cant figure this out no matter how many times it is brought up. I am trying to find a better vehicle than the van I currently have. I really like the idea of the PT Driver but it hasnt been approved for being done in Canada.
    I miss driving my lil sports car.
    so my question is, How many people here do drive cars? Do you feel you made the right choice as apposed to a van? Do you shoulders pay for your choice? If you take friends along for the ride, where does your chair go? (cus i know mine doesnt fit in my moms trunk but maybe she has a small trunk) and the major question I have is what about the winter and the rain? How can you pull the chair in over you without getting covered? * I wish I lived South *
    I have a rigid frame chair and I know this would be alot easier with a folding chair but I have also been told that they are no good, is that also true?

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    I am a para. I drive a car. When others ride with me, the chair (manual) goes in the trunk. If you'd like to ask me anything, feel free to e-mail me

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    I drive a 2000 Acura Integra. It is a coupe with the hatchback. I use a Quickie R2 rigid chair. I transfer into the car, pull the wheels off and put them in the back seat behind me. Then tilt the drivers seat all the way back, lean back and put the chair in the back seat behind the passenger. It it sometimes a pain when its raining, etc. but it sure is fun to drive versus a van. If I am travelling with friends, they, I get in, and they usually take off the wheels and put it all in the back. (hatchback has more room) As far as your shoulders are concerned, I think years of pushing a chair is going to trash them before tranferring in and out of a car. Just make sure if you get a car that it has manually adjustable seats. Cars these days have the power seat, which doesn't do much for a chair user.

    Hope that helps.

    Peace. . . out


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    Hey Shorty, I saw a really cool robotic arm at Kino Mobility (in Toronto). They had a Saab setup with it. $13,000 Cdn is a lot cheaper than a modified van.

    It works with pretty much any car and it basically comes out of the trunk, grabs your chair and stows it in the trunk. You don't have to take your chair apart or put it inside the vehicle.

    For regular cars you'd need a folding chair. For wagons a rigid frame chair works fine.

    Know what you mean about the weather up here though. This winter in particular was just brutal.

    *note* keep in mind you may want to continue with the modified van route until after your settlement. You could be screwing yourself out of a lot of money... and then what happens if you really DO need to drive a modifed van after you get a lousy settlement?

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    Hi Shorty

    I'm a c8-T1 and have used a car for over 24 years. I have always preferred cars over vans. I have a Subaru Outback currently. I chose that so I could put my racer in the back (hatch) without having to take it apart.

    In these Chicago winters I just keep a small towel under the seat for when the snow gets bad. A rigid frame has never been a problem and I think the technique is described by C.

    2 door vs 4 door. I've had both and have rented both and I don't see a big difference. You do get more rooom to get into the car with a 2 door and you can more easily put your wheels behind your seat (driver seat). With a 4 door I put my frame in the front passenger seat and wheels on the floor behind the passenger seat. Second chair - you can put that in the trunk as has been suggested or in the back seat. Good luck.


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    I have mentioned this in a couple other posts. Saturn is coming out with a car called the "ION Quad Coupe" that looks like it would be a great wheelchair vehicle. It has reverse opening utility doors behind the regular doors. Conceivabily two disabled people could ride in this car and stowe their own folding chairs behind each seat. It is a pretty slick setup.

    I have always prefered the idea of a 2dr car (including Utility door cars, I drive a GMC Sonoma with a third utility door) and a folding chair where I simply fold the chair and stowe it behind the seat. For years I used a rigid chair and popped the wheels off each time, but it gets old after a while especially if you are dressed up and get axle grease on your pants. I use a folding TI Lite and a folding Quickie IIHP (Highly recommend this great chair) and really cannot tell much of difference between these chairs and the Rigid ones. They lock out very positively and have the Rigid fold down foot rests (One piece) which makes the chairs even stiffer.

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    I looked at a lot of different vehicles, trucks, vans, cars, SUV's. I bought a Volvo V70 wagon. Handles as good as any comparable car, plenty of room for my rigid TiSport TRA, and when the wife goes with me, we put the chair in the rear cargo hold. Volvo doors open really wide making the chair easier to assemble/disassemble from the drivers seat. Volvo also reimbursed the cost of my hand controls (nearly $900.00)!!

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    I have an '03 Monte Carlo SS that is working pretty good for me. I previously had (pre-accident) a '98 GMC Jimmy, but that was too high for me to get in so it got traded. I am pretty tall (6'3") and have a correspondingly large size TiLite TRA chair. So far it works really good, the wheels go in back of the passenger seat on the floor and I put the chair frame on the passenger seat. If someone is riding with me they put the frame in the back seat. I am sure that if I took the time to tinker with it I could put the frame in the back seat myself with pushing the passenger seat forward, but so far I just dump it on top to the front passenger seat. One note...The frame doesnt fit in the trunk as it is pretty large. I did see a new chair on the Quickie site that has only two main tubes so this might be something to look into if you are thinking of getting a smaller car, seems that would be much easier than navigating a big box of a ridgid chair frame over yourself while not tearing up the interior of your car. Oh yeah, if you have a choice...go with leather seats, seems like the interior might stand up better than cloth in the getting torn up dept. with moving wheelchair parts in and out all the time.

    I saw the PT cruiser conversion, actually it was the PT Passenger due to the floor shifter in the way of transfering to the driver's seat, now that is one vehicle I would run about one cut up car to make it what it is. I am wondering how long that thing will hold together with it's unibody cut up like it is. Another thing about it...make sure you are really short and your chair carries you close to the ground because there is very little head room in it as well as a steep ramp angle. For a para/low quad it might be better to go with a regular car.


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    Thanx so far for all the good suggestions. How long does it take to transfer into the car, I know it will take longer at first but once you get the hang of it how long does it take? I know I am not ready for a car yet...cus uhhh yeah....and i need just a little more strength yet that I am working on building.

    I have heard of the arm thing. I was going to get that at the beginning but I couldnt find any car that would fit it and my chair. I think two worked....the passot wagon and I cant think of the other one. They said that if I had a folding chair that the arm would wrok in any vehical. But you also have to make sure the gas is on the left side or something. It does work in the PT Cruiser but I would loose both back seats

    so many choices

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    I seen a guy transfer into his car and fold up his chair and toss it in the back seat and he was Gone!!.Stiggy

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