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Thread: What got you into the wonderful world of SCI? Photo thread!

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    found the actual link

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    Also Check out

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    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    gpbullock, that is exactly what I was thinking of, I saw a photo of that on an RC-51 a couple of months back and was wondering just where the guy got it. Thanks a bunch! Only thing is...Vicki says NO (I am Andy using her log in)...need to work on this a little bit


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    The March issue of Sports 'N Spokes have an article about the custom wheelchair outriggers that Louis Irvin has on his hog....he also has a rack on the back for carrying his manual chair with him when riding.

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    Fell asleep driving home from my now
    ex-girlfriends house rolled and was thrown out.

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    I got squashed playing rugby union.

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    Andrew, from what I've heard there are quite a few (every year?) rugby players who sustain an sci injury?

    And doesn't the rugby union have some monies set aside if a player gets hurt?

    I could be totally off base but I thought that's what I've heard / read???

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    This is the doctor who operated on me in 1978 to correct my scoliosis. I was 14 at the time. The operation left me a T-4 incomplete paraplegic. Never learned for certain exactly what went wrong.

    - Joe

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    Editied because the picture was huge.

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    Joe Sexton-
    I guess this doctor is OFF the Christmas card list.

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