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Thread: ? about purchasing a used van

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    ? about purchasing a used van

    I have a '91 IMS van and I think it's time for a newer one. My question is, how do you know what a fair price is for a van that is for sale? If a person is buying a regular car, they can look in the blue book (I think that's what it's called). But for a van with a conversion, how much do you add on to the blue book price???

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    You need to look at everything overall. Mileage, condition of the van, is the equipment on it still available for fixes? The best thing to do would be to look at vans like yours and take an educated guess.

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    Good suggestion Pat. You could take the Value of yours and just add the value of whatever the NADA is of a newer one.

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    This is a website to compare prices,

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    I'm curious as to what price you pay for a van. I bougtht a 1996 Toyota Hiace in 1998 with the lift installed. It required a few minor adjustments. All up it cost AUD$29,000 which is about US$18,000.
    Buying and installing the lift costs 7-10k here.

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    I would suggest checking the blue book for the vehicle itself and then add on the conversion price and reduce it according to the age of the additons (lift, hand controls, etc.) Conversions in this area for such additons are also about 7-10K.

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