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Thread: My New Puppy

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    My New Puppy

    Well, Daddy-dearest ordered a digital camera and I wanted to show off my new puppy. It's really my mom's puppy, but that won't last too long... he will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine. :nods maniacally:

    He's a toy poodle and she named him RB, for Rhett Butler.


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    How terribly Charleston - RB!!! He's adorable, Steven, and I can just see him riding around on a silk pillow placed on your lap!!

    We found a house, BTW - Snee Farm - WooHoo!!! No pool, but the 'Farm' has 3; will have to see if any of 'em have lifts!!! Moving around the end of June - can't wait to meet you.

    The new bridge construction is awesome; this is definitely not the Charleston I knew!!!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    I love his curls.. If you wish he can come and play with my cat... im sure he will straighten those curls out very soon :-)

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    OH MY GOD, that is THE cutest puppy I have ever seen! If it wasn't a boy I'd tell you to put ribbons in its hair.

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    What an adorable puppy!! I can't wait til we get ours.

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    Very cute Stephen.
    I'll have to photograph my 2 dogs and post them to show how cute he is!
    Yours definitely wins the cute award.

    "You can stand me up at the gates of hell
    But I won't back down"
    Tom Petty

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    I wouldn't admit it if that was my dog. Might get beat up or called a fairy or something. Don't let it out of your sight or some cat will beat it up, or even worse, a real dog might step on it and kill it.

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    I saw a huge dude drive up in front of a PetSmart in this jacked up black truck with Harley Davidson stickers on it. ACDC's Highway from Hell was blaring out the windows as he parked near us. Dude gets out and is sporting a ponytail that goes down to his waist and he has massive guns with python tatts on both arms.

    I look at my wife and tell her that he was going in to get his pit bull. But no . . . . . .

    Dude comes out with this little white toy poodle with pink bows in its hair. He had her cradled on his forearm.

    My wife just started laughing . . the dude looks over at us and gave us a big grin and thumbs up as he reached inside and put the dog up on her "perch" in his truck. It was hilarious.

    Moral of the story. All dogs rock. And real men own toy poodles.

    Anybody out there know of a good source for getting a South African Ridgeback?
    AZ's too hot for most breeds.

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