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Thread: OK TOP THIS!!!

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    OK TOP THIS!!!

    Message from Nurse at rheumatologist:

    Mary we received the MRI from your C-spine and your L-spine but your brain is missing....

    OK......hmmmmmm well......hmmmmmmmmmm

    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    Mary, good to hear that at least you have your spine. Don't worry about the brain, it will show up later.

    Btw, hope the results were good. Let us know please ok?


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    Mary.. atleast you know what the problem is now

    Sorry.. Dont worry, lots of people get very far in life without a brain.. Who knows, perhaps you can be the first female president of USA in a couple of years..

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    Aristotle did think that the heart was the seat of the soul. Wise.

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    Good Thing HUH???

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    The ancient Egyptians were the first to postulate that the heart was the center of one's being, the seat of the soul. Aristotle was introduced to the concept while studying in Egypt. They also believed that the tongue was the seat of the mind and the hand was the seat of creation.

    The Dawn of Conscience, James H. Breasted, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1933.

    The Culture of Ancient Egypt, John A. Wilson, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1957.

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    Mary, A Tragic Case

    What can anyone say in way of consolation? - may be when Wise has worked out how to reconnect spinal cord you could have a brain transplant from someone who doesn't use their's too often

    Does this handicap affect your nursing ability in any way?

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    Didn't seem to slow down the Scarecrow any...

    We are TRULY not in Kansas anymore, Toto!!


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    I think they found it...IN THE NORMAL PILE!!!

    Nevertheless there is one in attendance inside my head and my nursing ability has never been better!

    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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