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Thread: How is SARS affecting you??

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    How is SARS affecting you??

    I'm just curious how SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), the deadly mystery disease is affecting you. As of April 1st all hospitals here in Ontario Canada have been closed to public visits and outpatients.


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    My wife is paranoid as hell and she's hibernating at home. That means I'm kind of hibernating too.

    We are not going out to eat at Asian restaurants. I'm going through withdrawal.

    Cancelled outpatient physio, Doctor's appointments & afraid to go to Dentist.

    My sister's bumming around Asia now so maybe she'll bring some SARS home for us?

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    I know one thing, it's terrible for the already weak world economy.
    Wash your hands a lot, like we don't anyway, right?
    At least those of us who intermittent cath.

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