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Thread: War, SCI, Advocacy

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    War, SCI, Advocacy

    Curtis' topic on how the war will produce more SCIs is true enough, as far as that goes. DA mentioned how the people who will be injured will "get brainwashed just like everyone else. no out cry, nothing."

    That statement somewhat bothers me. Mostly because it rings of truth. Anytime somebody joins our community, I think we all agree that it sucks. However, isn't it part of our duty to prevent them from becoming "brainwashed" into believing that recovery is impossible?

    We should write letters to the newspapers around the country warning of the potential tragedy that might befall their loved ones and inform them that not all hope is lost, the science that can help them is here. Tell them what's preventing the science from being transferred to human applications. Inform them that there is a lack of a clinical trial infrastructure and a lack of money that would be required.

    I also have friends in this war, and would hate for them to join us. In the unfortunate event that they did, I would let them know what is out there and how they can help to try and keep them from going into a deep, deep depression.


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    Very well written Steven. Even within myself, my post raised some real emotions and anger within me, especially when thinking about how true and real DA's reply made so much sense about the way things have been the past 50 years.

    You are definetely right about that it does not have to be this way, even though thats the way it currently is, at least for now.

    I have long felt that ESC's could very possibly hold the hidden promise to the elusive "Cure". This is where the whole Paradox and sense of anger really comes in for me in realizing how much our Government is all for sending soldiers in harms way and putting them at great risk for SCI (heck, even falling off a hummer riding along, I wonder how many have been SCI so far?) but then taking away any hope for them (at least in my mind) in banning research on ESC's. It is very frusterating to say the least.

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    When you hit the ripe old age of 35 let me know. I want to see to it that you are nominated for president! Even better still, when you reach 30, how about shooting for Senator? Even better still, when you hit 25 how about Congressman Edwards?
    Your message is a good one, people need to have hope to hang onto...realistic and forseeable hope. PVA as well as the VA has provided that over the years to many enlisted as well as veterans. FES in large part came out of the Cleveland VA. Many of the clinical trials for supported ambulation are at the VA as well as the noninvasive phrenic pacer.
    Every day new members join our ranks. I was taken aback to see that CareCure has hit 3500 members. Everyday I assit families of the newly injured and I am saddened. I take some solace that I can direct them here as well as towards hope.

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    we agree their steven. nobody deserve to be a quad, not even saddam.

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