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Thread: stackable washer dryers....PLEASE HELP

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    stackable washer dryers....PLEASE HELP

    I was wondering if any of you have any experience with stackable washer/dryers?? The dryer on top would of course be front load......comments please, LEx

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    Hey Tbird, how are you?

    I bought a washer/dryer set that's both front loading and has front controls from Sears. They can also be stacked. Here's the link:

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    tbird, I looked into the stacked but I found some problems. #1- I couldn't reach the back of the dryer. #2- The controls were located on the top, couldn't reach.
    I settled on the front loading w/d. Kenmore Elite HE3. The first water bill dropped $20 and the electric went down $15 a month. I am very happy with these. I would recommend getting the bases that raise them and gives you alot of storage. Good Luck!

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    Tbird, I found something else. It's a washer/dryer combo. unit meaning that your clothes are both washed and dried in the same machine. It's front loading and has front controls.

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