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Thread: High quad, complete, what's yer profession?

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    the dirty south

    High quad, complete, what's yer profession?

    What do you "do"?

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    Portland, Oregon
    I'm vice president of a firm that specializes in strategic/crisis communications. I specialize in aviation. I'm C5/6 complete, 13+ years post.

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    VP Investments, Smith Barney. C6-7.

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    Mid-level(C5) quad - full time Graduate student and Graduate Assistant for my university.

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    Mitchell , Qld. Australia
    grazier [farmer] , C5/6 incomplete , 12 years post .

    thank you

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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    Apex, NC
    Management consultant speacilizing in supply chain, C8-T1 complete, 24 years post.

    Pretty impressive credentials here though I think dogger has the coolest job as a grazier in Australia! I visited once and cannot wait to return to your wonderful country.

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    "High quad, complete, what's yer profession?"

    I think it depends on your definition of a "high quad," and we know what a complete injury is. I think a high quad is C-1 down to C-4, and probably C-5 (maybe). Others may agree or disagree. If you need help getting dressed, bowel program, etc., then you more than certainly qualify for a high quad. I believe if you are a high quad and you are living on your own, this in itself is a full-time job or profession.

    Currently unemployed, in the process of looking for work, and furthering my education.


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    Hi , I ,am a c- 4 quad & face a similar challenge of finding employment I will be installing a grid intergrated wind turbine on our property (60 acres) it,s a start & will generate more cash flow for other ventures . Martin

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    ha Starlight, now i know why i can hardly ever agree with you,

    psychologist, not sure what it is but i have never met one i could get along with "imnuts" i was assinged 3 in rehab they all quit, every time i said anything they said i meant something else.

    the last one i would not even talk to, she started insulting me trying to get me mad or to say anything i guess? when she ask if my head had been crushed i busted out laughing she stomped out of the room.

    when i got my medical records a few years later the psycho reports were all about the same said they thought i was worried about something,, well yeah duh i never had a broken neck before, why didnt they ask what i was worried about? my experiance with psychologist theory of nothing is ever what it is and were not talking about what were saying about drove me nuts.

    hopefully you never have to deal with a nutcase like me other than on here

    back to subject, i farm raise cattle, hay & horses. have some construction equipment.

    current project is rigging up my peterbilt truck so i can drive it. i got everything figured out but the money part.

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