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Thread: Living on your own

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    Living on your own

    Does anyone know where there is a place for quads to go and live on there own? somewhere warm all year but not to hot. Like a special community. I would like to eventually live on my own (with no family taking care of you). I am not on a vent but will need assistance to do everything because I have zero movement. Any Ideas would be great. P.S. I'm so sick of the snow, so somewhere warm, but am open to any ideas.

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    I've been down in South Florida since '89 living on my own and it's nice and warm down here now. The summer gets real hot though, but I'd rather deal with that than the freezing cold and snow.


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    I agree with Brad D. I live on the Space Coast of Florida. Coming from Vermont, this place heaven. Yes, it gets hot June-Septmember, but it's not that bad. Right now it is 73 degrees and the sun is shining. What is it where you are? I live with my life partner.

    Julie Z

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    I live in NY now with family. The winter is nice if you can take the cold, but I can't. Sitting inside all winter sucks, especially when your stuck inside watching everyone outside having fun. I get to hot in the summer but as long as there's some shade and maybe a breeze i'm ok. I don't want anything like a nursing home. Maybe a house that has a nice bike path with some nice views. Maybe get 2 other similar peoples to live with to help pay for utilities. Get a nurse around the clock to help us out with everything, That would be able to take us shopping, drs appointments, ect. (just rambling on) Anyone out there doing this or somthing similar?

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    As far as getting too hot in the summer, as long as you don't stay in the sun to long and you find some shade, you should be ok. I came down here from NJ, and I've gotten used to the heat and I can tolerate it a lot better than the cold now.

    I think that your idea for living arrangements would be a really good idea. If you live near a college, you may be able to get a med or nursing student to help out. I did that when I was in school and it worked out pretty well for me.


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    This may be a silly question, but why doesn't someone (like us) start an assisted living place? There are a number of us adult quads around the country all needing about the same thing.

    Live life as you see fit, not as the world says.

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    "Originally posted by trainman:

    This may be a silly question, but why doesn't someone (like us) start an assisted living place?"

    assisted living place = nursing home = NO THANKS!

    doesn't society segregate those with disabilities enough? why would we want to do it to ourselves too?

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    Finding a city for accessibility - check out

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