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    so i want to get a second cushion, mainly for my manual chair because the cushion i use in my power chair is too thick and puts me in a weird position in my manual chair. i want to start using my manual more often, even for just exercise. its 5 years old- the wheelchair i came home with from rehab. its a good chair- pretty expensive, but its pretty beat up. should i get a new manual and new cushion or just new cushion? if i get a new chair- what kind should i get and who can help with this decision? i called my equipment people and they said i should talk to my doctor about it but even though hes a great doctor i *know* he doesnt have much knowledge about the different types of chairs and cushions. and also regarding insurance... the primary insurance i have now wasnt the insurance i had 5 years ago so they never paid for any chairs or anything. and i have medicaid secondary. how difficult will getting this chair be? thanks

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    kim -

    i have 2 different types of cushions: 2 rohos & a jay2 deep. i understand what you're saying about them being thick; i'd prefer something less, but first and foremost be concerned with your skin. i've done pressure mapping on almost everything out there, and these 2 are the best for me. at your level, i'd expect something similar. i personally like the jay2 deep better; in the gel section, it sits lower, and i feel better positioned in it, with much better support than the roho. i've used a regular jay2, but i'm up most of the day & i just feel safer in the deep. i use the roho and the jay on both my power chair & my manual one.

    if you get a new manual chair, i suggest looking @ one with adjustable dump because of the lack of trunk support in your level.. i have an invacare A4 that's about 4 years old. others i've tried that seem to work well are the quickie R2 and the rigid TiLites.

    re: insurance, i dunno; kinda depends on each company. can you find a description of benefits on the web or somewhere? get a doctor behind you & get him to write a detailed explanation of why it'd be beneficial. if you need ideas, ask away.

    what have others of you all done in this situation??

    i'm out... if you need anything, you know how to reach me peace..... ~ scott

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    hi kimmyface,,,i think we're both similar levels 'n body control. i have a ''quickie-2'' w a ''jay-2'' gel cushion. it's worked well for me. RESEARCH before u buy anything. e/m if u want,,,,,,,

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