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Thread: interesting sci facts

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    interesting sci facts

    Here are the results of a sci survey that you participated in last fall. Sorry about the delay in reporting. Thank you again for your time

    Susan Bell

    The study is ongoing, but a preliminary analysis is below

    The preliminary results: 86 participants (average for this type of survey, that identifies participants through non-hospital sources and acceptable for a preliminary study)

    Caucasian: 99%

    Quadriplegic: 48%
    Paraplegic: 52%

    Male: 67%
    Female: 33%

    At time of injury
    under 18 25%
    over 18 75%

    Under 30 at time of injury: 79%

    At time of injury
    single 75%

    At time of survey
    single 47%
    divorced 19%
    married 33%
    Approximately one-third of participants married after injury

    At time of survey
    less than an associates degree 48%
    B.A. or higher 52%
    49 % completed more education after being injured

    At some time received government benefits: 74%
    Of the 74%, 63% felt receiving benefits had negatively affected their employment decisions
    Did not work, because of losing benefits 29%
    Worked less, 35%

    Since being injured
    Attempted work 75%
    Working at time of survey 54%

    93% of males who had never received benefits were working while only 53% of males who had received benefits worked.

    An interesting observation about work, marriage and sci: all the men who married after injury worked. There was no correlation for women between work, and marrying after injury

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    Thanks kort.

    Helpful information.

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    Originally posted by kort:

    Caucasian: 99%
    i don't think that's accurate. could be wrong, but that seems too high.

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    85 responses would not be sufficient sample for all people with SCI. It is estimated that just in the USA there are 300,000 people with SCI, with 10,000 new injuries each year.

    These numbers only represent this sample, and I would question its representiveness since the numbers are significantly off from the national averages....How subjects are selected can have a major impact on the sample's representiveness of the population. This is why in studies such as this larger samples must be compared with the current study. If the numbers are significantly off, then the sample is considered not representative.

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    The 33% Female seems kinda high, I remember when I was injured in 1981 it was 80% male and 20% female, unless it has changed?

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    I wonder how pain would show up within these statistics? For example, how many % with pain are on SSI, how many % work with pain ect.

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