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Thread: win or lose

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    win or lose


    WE drove our electric wheelchairs across the gym floor, attempting to
    bump an oversized soccer ball into our opponent's goal. Debbie raced
    toward the ball. She weighs around 50 pounds. Directly opposite her,
    I rushed toward the soccer ball, too. I weigh about 200 pounds. We
    it the ball simultaneously. Although she was lighter, her chair was
    faster and more powerful, and I bounced backwards. She laughed
    gleefully. I felt a little defeated.

    Then I considered that this might be one of the few sports victories
    Debbie had ever experienced. Debbie was born with her condition, but
    before the injury to my spinal cord I had enjoyed many competitive
    sports. With my perspective changed, the memory of Debbie's laughter
    gives me joy.

    Paul wrote that what the world sees as loss, God can use for gain. As
    believers, we can recognize God's presence in defeat as well as in
    victory. Even death, our greatest enemy, is defeated. Today that may
    be difficult to grasp, but in Christ even death will be a way to
    greater victory.

    Prayer: Thank you, God, for turning even our defeats into your
    victories. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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    Humanity at it's greatest~ what a good post .

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    ROCK ON!!!!!

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