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Thread: Personalized Plates

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    Personalized Plates

    Well for those of you who remember from last year at this time...the bill came for the license plates and I decided to change them again LOL CLASSIC MARY...can we have another round of suggestions? Same rules mother reads this website periodically!!!!





    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    I think you should try for one of these:


    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    heres a few to pick from......

    -CSHFLW Negative Cashflow. In Missouri, the state usually fills in any spaces on a vanity plate with a "-". This person has the most creative use of that little quirk of state government I've seen. (I know this doesn't really start with zero, but I don't know where else to put it!)
    OOO LALA What more do you need to say? On a 1991 Red Convertible Corvette with IL Plates
    02 BE ME Modest fellow, isn't he? On a 1991 ZR-1 Corvette
    02BNLA Oh, to be in LA or Love to be in LA since 0 is called love in tennis, from the movie "LA Story"
    0GRAVTY Zero Gravity!
    1000101 Binary humor on a Virginia plate. For those of you who are binary challenged, it translates to 69
    10R SAX Tenor sax, on the car of a professional saxophonist
    10SNE1 Tennis, anyone?
    10SPRO Tennis Pro, seen on a white Porsche
    12DRAG Want to drag? On a 1985 Oldsmobile 442
    14THBCH One for the bitch (or maybe beach), on a white BMW convertible
    14U2C One for you to see ("Sky-Hi" Toyota 4wd)
    16 APR On an accountant's car
    187 Seen on a yellow '70s Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan with dark windows and bullet holes all over the lower body and doors. 187 is police code for murder.
    1BLU BYU Blowing by you in a blue Corvette
    1BNG007 One bang, 007 James Bond?
    1BUG2C On a 1967 Volkswagen Bug
    1DFOAL Wonderful on a Ford Mustang. Get it? Foal as in baby horse.
    1DN1TGO One down, one to go. There are two daughters in the family, and the older one has graduated college and married, while the younger one has yet to do either.
    1GOTO1 Silicon Valley License plate
    1GQ2ENV One GQ to least that's his hopes, but people are already questioning his taste - he owns a puke green honda
    1HNGLO One hung low. Apparently, the driver has only one testicle. Not too sure why he's advertising it tho.
    1HRDDRV One Hard drive, on a 1995 Mustang GT (the owner sell computer equipment). The frame says: "at a time"
    1MONPAY One month's pay, on a $105,000 BMW 850Csi
    1NTSTND One night stand
    1OVER0 1 over zero = infinity, on an Infiniti I30 in Virginia.
    1RUDEFB One Rude F.B. Seen on a woman's Firebird.
    1 TOGOLF "One to golf" or "Want to golf"? as seen on a nice Lexus
    1UPONU One up on you, on a Porsche
    1WTHGOD On a purple Hyundai Accent that also has the jesus fish
    20GS The cost of the Lincoln Continental when the owner bought the car
    22 NICE Too Too Nice, on a 1987 RX-7 that will be in the IASCA shows
    2 3PAIR Too(th r)epair...get it? On a dentist's car
    24 KT A jeweler's car
    26E4U Too Sexy for you!
    29 CRIB The owner is president of the Madison Cribbage Club. For cribbage neophytes, 29 is a perfect hand, VERY VERY rare.
    2BENVD To be envied, on a Corvette
    2BLND4U Too blonde for you. The plate was in a plate holder; the top of the plate said, "some blondes" and the bottom of the plate said, upsidedown, "are intelligent."
    2BORWAT To be or what? Modern day Hamlet?!
    2BSAVED Don't we all wish?
    2BWED This was the vanity plate the owner came up with for his wife while they were engaged. He hoped it would discourage any "prowlers" on the road. I guess it worked, he just celebrated 4 years of marriage with a baby on the way! Ohhhhhh.
    2COY 4U Too coy for you
    2 DA WDS To the Woods. The owner has a cabin in the Wisconsin north woods on a lake. Also check out his wife's plate
    2DBCH To the Beach!
    2DIE4 To die for
    2DUM2NO Too Dumb To Know
    2ED4ED Certainly Ed owns the car
    2EXKWSIT Too Exquisite, on a red Ford Mustang
    2FAST4U Too fast for you, on a Corvette
    2FMN269 2 females into 69. Actually, the owner revealed that it is not personalized, he just happened to be issued this plate...only in California!
    2GOOD4U On a cheap oldsmobile
    2HI4U Too high for you, on a jacked-up pickup truck
    2HSPRN 2 required at bed time?
    2 LONG NO, it's not what you think! Get your mind out of the gutter. This is found on a Lincoln super-long limo
    2LOW4U Seen on an aqua collored Nissan lowrider.
    2LV4EVR To love forever, on a Chicago car
    2M8OS Tomatoes. Either this guy is a vegetable or he's a farmer
    2MCHHP Too much horsepower, spotted on a Chevy SS
    2N2R4 On the car of a school teacher in Plano, Texas
    2NAHNTR Tuna Hunter
    2ND2NUN Mother Theresa's right hand nun perchance? Seen on a white Toyota Supra
    2ND2SEX Second to sex, on a black Ferrari Convertible. Actually you can have the best of both worlds
    2PCME To pee, see me! Urologist's plate
    2QAYL I misinterpreted this when I first saw it, check out the link for the full story.
    2Q2BSTR8 Too Cute To Be Straight. Seen on a volvo in San Fran
    2Q2STOM Too cute to stay home. A gift awarded by a guy to his fiancee (now ex-).
    2QIK4U Too quick for you as seen on a RX-7
    2QT4U Too cute for you, the driver was a delicious Blonde driving Volkswagen convertable (Australian plate)
    2TH DR On a dentist's car
    2 UKUF Caught the DMV guy napping in Illinois. Check this out in the mirror
    2WLK AGN On a black Honda Prelude parked in a disabled space
    2ZRESQ To zee resque, on a plate outside of a small town fire department
    3 2 1 GO on a Nissan Twin Turbo 300zx
    38-24-34 You do the math
    38DDD On a Gold TransAm with a brunette
    3MTA3 Eat me mirror image, on a bakery truck
    3NON Read this upside-down
    3TT3V On a vette
    400 GPA Potential Ivy-leaguer? Actually, an apparent random plate issued to some guy in Michigan.
    4 BN EZ Apparently, the owner got the car for being easy.
    4CASTR Weather Forecaster and also professor of meteorology
    4DGETIT Ford Get It, as in forget about it. Seen on a Corvette
    4GETIT On a black TA driven by a married lady!!!
    4MR BOY Former Boy? On a green Jeep Cherokee in Hamilton, Ontario driven by a woman(?)
    4EN JUNK Seen on a late model Volvo wagon in Virginia.
    4 PLAY On a Corvette driven by a comely young lady in UTAH!
    4QU2 F*** you too, on an Ontario plate
    4SAFETY on a Volvo, what else?
    4SURE Fer shure
    4U2DZYR For you to desire, on a 95 Acura Legend
    4U2NV For you to envy
    4X 4EVR 4X4 forever!
    4XX 4XY Four girls and four boys, on a van
    5050 LUV On a big yellow Cadillac, the driver wearing a wide brimmed hat, looking very pimp-like.
    5150 On a Toyota MR2, 5150 is the code in California for a crazy person
    55N-UP 55mph and up
    5PMBYOB 5pm, Bring YOur Own Beer, on a Toyota MR2
    6DRYV Sex Drive
    6HORM1 Sex hormone
    6ISENUF 6 kids is enough
    6 KIDS On a Chevy Suburban in Utah
    6PK2GO 6 Pack to Go, Turbo V6 1987 Buick Grand National Greenville S.C
    6UALDMN Sexual demon
    6ULDV8 Sexual deviate
    6ULRGG Sexual urges
    7NTXXX Car of a Bridgeplayer
    80 INCH Yes, this guy is vain, but he's not exaggerating. The 80 inch refers to the 80 inch motor on a '82 Harley Davidson, so you can get your mind out of the gutter!
    81TCH Guess the other bitch took the BITCH plate, the Nerve of that Bitch!
    88 KEYS Liberace's car
    88 MPH On a Graphite Volvo 240DL. A reference to the speed you need to achieve in order to time travel (Back to the Future). Thanks to Ross for "completing" the alphabet. I was missing plates that start with an 8.
    8ISEXC Ai(n)'t I sexy? Seen on a BMW
    911EMER On a 90 VW Jetta. In case the family Porsche is not available for any reason, the Jetta is old reliable emergency backup. (Actually, the owner works for 911 dispatch)
    911WIFE On a 93 Ford Taurus. Wife of above.
    9FOFO 9 four four, on a Porsche 944
    9INPNS 9" peepee. On a car driven by a female. Not sure whether she wants one, or she has one!
    9MPGWOW 9 Miles Per Gallon, Wow! On a 1966 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
    9WONWON On a Lexus. Boss of 911EMER
    A1 AN A2 Lawrence Welk's license plate
    A 4X4X8 On a Honda
    AFAV8R Air Force Pilot (Aviator)
    A GR8PL8 A great plate, oxymoron?!
    AHEADAU This Alabama plate proudly proclaims his place in traffic...ahead of you, that is!
    AINTNO4 On a 914-6 Porsche
    AIRHEAD On a white Jeep Wrangler with a soft top. The owner get a lot fewer funny looks when the top is down!
    ALICE On a white Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland, get it?)
    ALLMAYA A plate for Las Vegas. "Maya" means "illusion" in Sanskrit, so "everything is an illusion" in Vegas.
    ALLNITR Allnighter
    ALTREGO Proposed plate on identical cars of two friends. See the other one
    AQTU12 A cutie, you one too?
    AQTU124 Eh cutie, you want to f***?
    ARETE Greek for "excellence"
    A SAXIST On a California plate
    ASK KATO You know, that annoying houseboy of you-know-who
    A-SLAAB A slob on a Saab
    ASSMAN Classic Seinfeld episode where Kramer is mistakenly given the plate "ASSMAN" which truly belongs to a proctologist
    ATHDOC Athletic Doctor
    A TOTAL On a (Mitsubishi) Eclipse
    ATOYOTA A Palindrome on a Toyota truck
    ATTY2B Attorney to be, on a paralegal's plate. After she passed the bar, it changed to ESQUIRE
    AU DIGR Gold Digger
    AUSM An Auburn Alumnus' Autotag...Awesome!
    AU YLOKS Goldilocks...cute
    AV8RX Wife of a pilot who is also a pilot.
    B4DKCME Before decay, see me, on a dentist's truck. Some one asked him once if he was a mortician.
    B4RTAXS Before our taxes, on a new Mercedes
    B9S2US Be nice to us
    BAA BAA Baa Baa 'on a ' Black Jeep
    BAD MUDE What the owner feels like during rush hour traffic. It's on his 1967 Porsche 912
    B AFRAID On a '90 Cavalier
    BAWLMER This guy obviously hails from Baltimore as he spelled the city like he would pronounce it
    BCDDCBA Musical notes in the fourth movement of Beethoven's Ninth
    BCNU2 Be seeing you too
    BEACHN Beaching!
    BEAUTEE New York Yankee relief pitcher Steve Farr is known as "The Beast", and this is on his fiancee's car
    BECNYA Be seeing 'Ya, on a '68 Mustang
    BESIDES Sideline beekeeper
    BEYOND On a 'blue' plymouth 'HORIZON', Beyond the horizon
    BFATFRE Be fat free, a health nut's car
    B FLAT B-flat in musician terms means something that is "regular, not exciting", and this is an apt descrition of the high school band director's Honda Civic in Texas.
    BGBDVET Big Bad Vette, on a Corvette of course!
    BI BYE Twice as likely to get a date!...At least according to the owner
    BIGBLUE On a 30 foot, armored RV, Seattle Police mobile station.
    BIG BUX On a Ferrari 308
    BIGMAN7 A matter of opinion
    BIGTARS On a monster pick-up truck
    BINARY On a computer programmer's plate
    BIRDIE Driven by good looking lady from New Zealand
    BITCH Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Cheerful, Horny, on a "babe's" car
    BITHCKR bit hacker, on a beat up ford with the guy driving it looking like a low-level (BIT LEVEL) programmer type.
    BITN On the car of a Missouri woman who had lost her arm to a crocodile in Zaire. Have to admire her sense of humor.
    BKEEPR Bee keeper
    BLOGH ME On a 1992 white Mustang seen in the San Fernando Valley
    BLOODY1 On a bloodstain pattern analyst's car
    BLU2FUL Bluetiful, on a blue '63 Chevy convertible
    BLUBYU On A Blue Mustang LX 5.0
    BLUE 666 Blue Devil
    BMRMAN On a 93 BMW
    BMW-BFD Bavarian Motor Works - Big Deal! On a beat up old Honda Civic in Texas
    BOBS MG Seen on a VW bug, when the driver is told "That's not an MG" he replied "I'm not Bob"
    BONZO On a black jeep
    BORNLZR What an optimist.
    BRSTLVR Breast Lover
    BUGDOC Probably an exterminator or a PhD in entomology
    BUGLITE On a '79 VW Beetle in Nevada
    BUGOUT On a South Carolina VW beetle
    BUTRBUNZ They sure are! On a Camaro convertible, attractive blonde female driver
    BY BY COP On a Ferrari F40
    BYE-BYE On a Porsche 911 Turbo
    BYMYHNY Buy my honey, a beekeeper
    BYTE ME For the computer geeks
    BY YALL On a Porsche 911
    BZNU Be zeeing you, on a 280Z
    BZZZZZ There's a little Mazda Miata running in New Hampshire with the following color scheme: Bright yellow with black rag-top and trim...
    CALQL8 Calculate on the back of an Auditors Chevette
    CANTCME On a Dodge Stealth
    CAPTXMS Captain Xmas on a Chev truck, belongs to a battalion chief who used to be in chargeof the toys for tots program for the fire dept
    CARGASM On a brand new Corvette
    CARPEPM Seize the night, carpe = seize and P.M. as in night
    CD8D Sedated
    CELBRTN Definitely time for celebration after ending the payments on a black 300zx
    CHAOSSS On Jim Yorke's car...he coined the term chaos theory
    CHINGCHING on a Black Range Rover (European plate so more letters)
    CHUVIT Shove it, on a Chevette
    CLICHE On a BMW!
    CLIT Seen on a corvette with two attractive blondes
    CME4AD8 See me for a date
    CME4DK See me for decay, on a dentist's car.
    CME4LUV See me for love, Dr. Ruth Westheimer's car?
    CNTUCHDS Can't Touch This, Seen On A Nissan Low-Rider In New York State
    COCO VAN Chicken in wine sauce...on a lady's bronze colored Toyota minivan
    COKE On a Delorean in New Hampshire. Recall that John Delorean got busted for cocaine.
    COMIN4U On a 1974 cadillac hearse
    CONDUMB Condom
    COWPLP The owner has a low opinion of his white BMW
    CPU AGE Computer Age
    CPUFXR Computer fixer, on a Pathfinder in Colorado
    CRE8IV Presumably on an Artist's car.
    CRIMPAYS Seen in front of the Ulster County Courthouse (N.Y.) on a red convertible Porsche 911 driven by a defense lawyer
    CROOZAH On a Land Cruiser in Australia
    CRUZMSSL Cruise Missile, on a Camaro
    CRXTASY Car (CRX to be specific) Ecstasy, on a yellow Honda Sportscar
    CRZY 4U Crazy for you
    CTHRU U See through you! Spotted in Cleveland...a radiologist, perhaps?
    CTDRV55 I must admit I share this guy's sentiment - can't drive 55
    CULAYTR See you Later, on a Porsche
    CUM55X Cum 55 times!
    CU N OZ See you in Oz
    CU N QRT See you in Court, on an attorney's car
    CYAAH See-Ya on a 1963 sebring silver 340hp split window corvette
    CYCOPTH Psychopath's car
    CYIMBRK See Why Im broke, found on a cherry 95 ford 3/4 ton truck
    CZDMMNT Cease the moment, a variant of carpe diem
    DAD IOU Dad, I owe you, on a Trans Am
    DA HERSE On a 1959 Cadillac hearse
    DA LEGND Self-proclaimed legend on the car of a high school basketball star
    DA PMP Da Pimp, on a lowered Caddy in Texas
    DARKSIDE On a deep blue, almost black Berreta
    DARKSOL On a Black 1994 Honda del Sol VTEC
    DA WABIT On a VW Rabbit
    DEADREDY On a 1971 Cadillac Hearse
    DEB N ART The plate frame carried this rhyming update "Are now apart." Deb appeared to have won custody of the car.
    DEF-ROW On a souped up Jeep Cherokee with killer boomin' stereo system in New York
    DELUDED Deluded
    DEPECHE French for fast
    DE SADE On a 77 Mercury Marquis
    DFACTO On a White Stretch Limo
    DIAL 911 On a yellow '96 Porsche 911 turbo
    DIRTBOY He's a filthy geologist and he's also a member of the popular rural band: Dirtboy and the Screamin' Weasles
    DIV BY 0 Now you know why Infiniti Q45 are a nerd's favorite car.
    DJ4FEE Support this poor DJ who can't afford anything better than a broken down 77 dodge
    DJAKEL "The Devil" in Swedish, and it is on a Red Saab 900 Turbo Convertible.
    DMNTOY Damn toy, on a red jeep
    DMV SUX A sentiment shared by many but surprised that it went through
    DNTB2NR Don't be too near
    DO9114U On a 92 Isuzu, the owner is a 911 dispatcher
    DOC4JOX Sports injury specialist's tag
    DON H1 The legendary Don Juan spotted in Orlando, FL on a bright red convertible by a Swedish lady tourist?! According to her, "the guy behind the wheel was VERY good-looking".
    DOOZPD Dues paid, on a female doctor's Mercedes
    DOUSWALO Click on the link to check out Matt's story on his plate
    DR AC Doctor Cool, on a white 300ZX in Colorado
    DREK It means shit in many Slavic languages, Yiddish, etc. On an Ontario plate in Canada
    DRG DLR Drug dealer, on a car parked outside of a pharmacy
    DR IBALZ Another optometrist's plate.
    DR IIII Doctor 4 Eyes, an optometrist
    DRSKULL On a Mercedes in L.A. (Neurologist? I hope so otherwise wouldn't want to see this Doc)
    DUKOVRL Duke of Earl. The owner's last name is Earl
    DV8 NXS Deviate in excess
    DV-DT a = dv/dt = acceleration, on a Honda Civic Si
    DVL-666 In Finland, the license plate consists of three letters and three numerals, but this extra constraint didn't seem to stifle this creative soul...maybe the devil made him do it
    DZBLND Dizzy Blond, on a white BMW in Colorado with a blond lady driver
    EARGASM This Geo Storm won, placed or showed in more than ten IASCA (International Auto Sound Competition Association) events, and was #1 twice
    EASY On a silver Corvette driven by a bodacious blonde
    EAT DIRT Black corvette, female driver, on the highway
    E FUDD Elmer Fudd
    EGOTAG On a BMW 325
    EIEIO On the old Ford FARM pick-up truck. (you know like in the song, Old McDonald...)
    EM KNAPS Oh, hurt me! (read it backwards) from a red Stealth driven by a nice blonde in Florida
    EPH OPH Read the PH like Physics or Physiology
    ERDOC2B Obviously watching too many episodes of ER
    ESAD Eat Shit And Die, seen on a pickup truck in metro-Detroit
    ESON69 He's on 69?
    ESQUIRE On a lawyer's car. Before she passed the bar, the plate was ATTY2B
    ETA BUSH Eat a bush, seen in L.A.
    ETHL ETR Ethyl eater, on a 1967 big block Corvette
    EUNEEK 1 Unique one, or maybe eun..eek! #1 (eunuch)?
    EVASTOI Eva stole it, on a blue Toyota 4-Runner. She sure did. Eva was involved in and indicted for misappropriation of bank funds. Also Eva's toy.
    EVLTWIN Proposed plate on identical cars of two friends. See the other one
    EZ2CYIO Easy to see why I owe, on an expensive red Porsche in Los Angeles
    EZ4U2C Seen on a rigged out vette in San Antonio TX
    EZ4U2NV Easy for you to envy
    F40 AOK On a Ferrari F40, what else?
    F8SUCKS Fate Sucks
    F A DUCK On a Lincoln. Definitely don't want to drive this baby into animal rights territory.
    FAMFIXR A family therapist in Las Vegas
    FAST Russ' 86 Corvette Pacecar
    FASTER Russ' 92 Corvette
    FASTEST Russ' 89 Corvette Callaway. Here's one more in Russ' series
    FASTRNU Faster 'n you, on a Mustang LX 5.0l
    FAWQ ***expletive*** on a 82 Nissan
    FBI AGNT Registered in Montana, the owner is an Insurance Agent with Farm Bureau Insurance. It was on his 93 Cadillac Sixty Special, but he has since changed it because of the recent news up in Montana.
    FCK NXN On a VW bus in San Francisco at the height of the Vietnam War. Herb Caen, the famous San Francisco columnist, supposedly mentioned it in one his columns.
    FE2O3 On a rusty '46 Chevy pickup...get it? Fe2O3 is iron oxide or rust
    FEATURE On a VW Bug
    FENRY (on a) Honda. Hint: think of famous actors.
    FEOZZI Hint: the owner is an Australian Triathelite and remember your chemistry symbol Fe (Iron)?
    FIDL DD Fiddle dee dee, on a Nissan Maxima (Gone with the wind ref)
    FILLRUP The owner is in the petrolium business
    FINAGL on a finagler's (i.e., accountant's) car
    FIREBALL On A Fierro, Because The Engines Are Known To Blow Up
    FIREDUP On a sports car driven by a seemingly (it was at night) attractive lady
    FIREHWK Fire Hawk, on a firefighter's car
    FIRETURD On A Firebird
    FIT2SKI Fit to ski
    FKIDNNO F*** I don't know, on a 73 Mustang
    FKLIK12 This was driven my a verry good looking young girl in a volkswagen Rabbit.
    FLAUNT On a Rolls Royce
    FLEA On a VW Rabbit
    FLEWBYU flew by you (this was on a Corvette)
    FLY-BY On a '91 Steath
    FNOILLK F***ing oil leak, on an OLD VW bug
    FNOMNL Phenominal, on a BMW 318is
    FO BY FO On a 4 wheel drive in the South
    FO IRS On a very expensive sports car in So. Cal
    FOOTSY On a podiatrist's Aurora
    FOREPLAY On a 82 Camaro Z28
    FRAUD On a Porsche 911 "Carerra"
    FREQOUT Freaked out!
    FSTPHKR Fast F**ker
    FT DKY Fight Decay, on a dentist's plate in Connecticut
    FTFETISH On a Podiatrist's new Caddy
    FTN N 96 F*** The Navy in 96, on an old pickup in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Apparently, owner is getting out of the Navy in 96.
    FTNSASY Fit and Sassy
    FUGITIV On an Integra
    FUGUE On a gold Honda PRELUDE
    FUH QUE ***expletive***
    F U IRS Well, it's that time of year again. Fear not, check out this site.
    FUNFER2 On a 1986 Corvette Coupe
    FUOJ ***expletive*** you O.J.! (or fudge?!) on a car in Michigan
    GDAM8 Good day, Mate! On an Aussie car
    GEDDEUP More horsepower! On a souped up 1992 Green 5 liter Ford Mustang
    GGGGGGG G-string, get it? Seen in San Francisco
    GLUTTON for punishment
    GNANABU GonNA NAB yoU, on a purple Toyota 4x4 in California
    GODSAVZ Yeah, God might be the only person that can pull you out of the mess!
    GODZGOOD God is Good, on a pastor's car in Virginia. Virginia frowned upon putting religious messages on vanity license plates, but it ruled this one ok
    GONLOCO Seen leaving mental hospital
    GONSNO On an 85 Jeep CJ-7
    GO TPLS Go Topless! On a 1968 Camaro Convertible. Owner has been flashed on warm evenings.
    GOVT SUX A Virginia judge ruled that DMV had no right to revoke this plate and ordered the dept to return the plates to the owner
    GR82SH Great Tush! What else do you want?
    GR8BUNS Keep your mind off that general vicinity! It's actually seen on a bakery delivery van in northern Minnesota
    GR8TTS Seen in California 10 years ago...enuff said...*blush*
    GROWL On a Jaguar
    GSNDHT Gesundheit, on an Isuzu
    GU10TAG Guten Tag! For those of you that don't Sprechen Sie Deutsch, it means good day in German. The tag was seen on a Benz in California.
    GURUGLY Gee, you are ugly!!!
    GUT-SEE Gutsy (or maybe Grand Unified Theory), on a Porsche 911 Turbo
    GVML Give em hell! On a grey Porche 944
    H15 EGO On a Porsche
    H2OLGD Waterlogged. The owner is a swimmer and this appears on his Hyundai Tiburon FX in Missuori
    H2OMEN4 Water men four? NO, What are men for?! Seen in Southern California on the back of an (apparently) feminists' car
    H2O GATE George Gordon Liddy is known to have this plate on his ZR-1 Corvette
    H8NLIFE Hatin' life, on a Lexus in Colorado
    H8 PEPZ Hate Pepsi, on a Coca Cola Van
    HAMACHI On a Yellow 1978 Porsche 911SC with a whale tail. If you order Hamachi in a sushi bar you will get yellow tail.
    HAUDI On an Audi
    HARDICK On a 4x4 construction truck owned by a Mr. Joe Hardick Jr.
    HEBGBZ On a 1995 Corvette. "Heebie-jeebies", apparently a commentary on being a passenger in this car
    HE PAID On a new Benz in LA driven by a 40+ blonde
    HERS2 Hers too, on a Black Mercedes Conv.
    HGHLNDR Highlander. Chosen because the owner's wife is actually from the "highlands of Scotland" in a "wee toon" called Thurso (about as far north in Scotland as you can get). Thurso, once the home of a U.S Navy Telecommunications Station, is where he met his wife. Ooh, How Grand!
    HIFEES On a nice 500SEL mercedes, probably a lawyer's car
    HIHO AG Hi ho silver!
    HI OFC A good license plate for cops to see
    HI ON V8 On a Monster Miata ( Ford Mustang engine)
    HI-TECH On the Mercedes of former Deputy Defense Secretary for research and engineering William Perry
    HME BREW Home brew
    HNSOFF Better lay your hands off this guy's white 69 Camaro or else!
    HOBANGR Ahem...I don't think I need to elaborate in polite company. Seen on a silver MR-2 in Fort Walton Beach, FL
    HOOCH On a cark parked outside a liquor store
    HOOK UM On a Texas Long Horn fan's Cady
    HOT-TKT Hot ticket, on a Corvette with a blonde female driver. Turns out she was a travel agent.
    HOWDEDU On a Dodge Van
    HSSSSS (A Cobra's Hiss) On a Mustang in Dallas
    HUMONGO Bodybuilder's car
    HUMR ME Humor me, on a Colorado plate
    HUM THIS On a Hummer from Denver (With Illinois plates)
    HUT ONE Football player's car
    HYPRDRV Hyperdrive, on a modified Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    HYRTHNU On a small Toyota pickup with VERRRY large tires. Unfortunately, this did not intimidate the cop who pulled the owner over for speeding.
    I12BNZC I want to be in zee Sea, a diver
    I12BUGU I want to bug you, on a VW bug
    I 2STEP On the car of a country western dancing nut in Michigan
    I81B4U I ate one before you, on a beat-up jacked-up 4X4 GMC (rusted pickup bed, hunting lights, gun rack) in Oregon
    I8ABMW I ate a BMW, on a red sportscar
    I8A 4RE I ate a Ferrari! On a Corvette in "90210"
    I8AV8 I ate a V8! On a turbocharged VW bug
    I8AVET I ate a Vette1, on a 944 Turbo
    I8D TOP I ate the top, on a '88 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible
    IAM 469 I am for 69! This is in answer to her husband's question.
    IAM 007 Doesn't he wish? Cool toys, fast cars, and gorgeous ladies...every boy's fantasy
    IAML8 I am late on a white rabbit (Alice in Wonderland reference)
    IAMYY4U I am too wise for you
    IB2BAD I Be too bad
    IB6UB9 I be 6, you be 9...enough said! (Later recalled by Motor Vehicle Dep.)
    IBCNU I'll be seeing ya!
    IBJAMEN On a red Honda Civic CRX
    ICECAR On a Datsun...DatsunICECAR...That's a Nice car!
    ICNCYDU I see inside you, a radiologist's plate
    ICU812 I see you ate one too!
    ICULAFN I see you laughing; now cut it out!
    ICULOOK But quit staring, it's impolite!
    ICUNIYQ I see you and I like you (as said by Elmer Fudd). 7 words out of 7 letters, pretty good!
    ICUQTPI I see you cutie pie!
    ICUROK I see you are okay
    ICUUQTU I see you, you cutey, you!
    ID8JLB8 I date jailbait. Well, there's no accounting for taste.
    ID-BUGM I debug 'em, seen on a large mainframe System's Analyst PA plate
    IDH82BU I'd hate to be you!
    IDOCPUS I do CPU's...No, not the kinky stuff, this is a computer technician's car
    IDONTTY I don't tie, a racing reference on a GMC Typhoon in TX
    I DO OK Claimed the modest owner of this Porsche 944 Turbo
    IDOS MF Adios, Moth** F****r in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on a Buick Grand National
    IEATFIRE On a fireman's pickup truck
    IFLIP4U On a Suzuki Samurai
    I FLYHI A Flight attendant's plate. I forgot to ask her if she is a member of the Mile High Club
    I FND IT On a car of a born-again Christian
    IFRRATD IFR (Instrument Flight Regulations) Rated. A pilot with IFR rating is allowed to fly in poor visibility / low ceilings in certain situations. Plate seen on a Ferrari Daytona passing afternoon traffic out of Las Vegas to LA
    IFXDX John Wayne Bobbit's urologist, perhaps? On a MBZ seen at the Oakland coloseum
    IFYTFYR I fight fire, on a firefighter's car
    IGOT 2P I gotta PEE!!! On a Toyota
    IH8DST8 I hate this state!
    IH8MYX I hate my Ex. Saw it in L.A. (of course).
    IH8PL8S When you can't beat them, join them!
    IH8 UNIX I guess he does!
    I I M8TY A former pirate? On a red Ford Probe
    I INSUR he sells insurence Orlando FL.
    I IS PHD Given this person's poor grammar, who would have thunk it? A prinecton graduate to boot!
    IKNEADU You heard the lady! In case you are wondering, she's a Massage Therapist
    ILOVEME But hey, have you ever seen a more PERFECT "Vanity" plate?!
    ILVGLF I love golf, seen at golf courses mainly in NH.
    IM1RU2 Spotted on a Brown Jeep in Hawaii with a Rainbow Flag (gay comunity symbol) bumper sticker
    IM2BZ2P I'm too busy to pee, so *$%!# get out of my way!
    IMA10 I'm a 10!
    IMABRAT You sure are!
    IMA NERD He looks like an LA surfer punk, but he admits he's a computer geek
    IMAQT I am a cutie, on an actress's car
    IMATEN I'm a 10!
    IMB4U I'm before you!
    IM BLIND Seen in the Pentagon parking lot in Virginia(handicapped spot?)
    IMD14U I'm THE one for you! Seen on Vette in Baton Rouge, La
    IMEZRU I'm easy, are you?
    IMLEVNU I'm leaving you
    IMFLYN On a black '94 Corvette and the owner is a FA-18 pilot for the USMC
    IMGOOD On an MG at Laclede's Landing in St. Louis, an "excellent" babe got out of the car and she was!
    I M N MBA Seen in the parking lot at Harvard Business School.
    IMORBID On a hearse
    IM TAKAI Takai is her last name, but it also means expensive in Japanese...Hmmm
    IMZ14U I'm zee one for you! On A 280 Z
    IN DEBT On a bronco in Pennsyvania
    INETJNKE There you go, self-proclaimed Internet Junkie
    INFL8 On a lady's truck. Before you get any seedy notions, let me point out that she is into riding hot-air balloon (ahem)
    INGFLAT In G-flat, on a Buick. The owner writes music and poetry
    INS BZ Insurance Agent's car
    INYORI In Your Eye...
    IO4IT I owe for it! Seen on a sports car
    IOAA I owe AA
    IOBA14K I owe Bank of America $14,000
    IOMOM Seen on a new BMW with a teenage male driver
    IONO1 I owe no one
    IOU 000 I owe you absolutely zilch, so stop tailgating me!
    IQ180 High Insufferable Quotient
    IRESCU Owner is an EMT with the rescue squad.
    I SD8EM On an anthesiologist's plate
    I SK8 I skate/ice skate
    ISPY 4U Seen on a Corvette, probably a private investigator
    ISUE4U I sue for you! On a car outside a law firm
    IT LBS It POUNDS!!!! Oh sorry, I was trying to speak over the car's major stereo system
    ITCH DR Stop scratching! Or this dermatologist will come after you in his Mercedes convertible
    I THINK on the Ford F150 of Director of the Center for Creative and Critical Thinking at Delta State University in Mississippi
    I THINK2 The above's wife's Saturn; they both present workshops on effective creative and critical thinking
    IT HERTZ On an 85 S-15 extended cab that is used for auto-sound competitions. It can blast 250+ watts!!
    ITL DO On a 93 vette with a paxton supercharger on it
    ITOETAG CA plate seen leaving coroner's office
    ITREVS This 86 Rx7 turbo sure does!
    ITS 4PLA On a 90 WV Cabriolet in California
    ITSADUK It's a duck!
    ITSPHY6 It's Physics! On a physics grad student's car
    ITSQWIK On a '89 Mustang
    ITSTIME Its time, on a 68 Cadillac Hearse
    IT XLR8S It accelerates, on a Porsche
    IVARIVD On the plate holder, it reads "It says... I've Arrived"
    IVNIK8 IV="Four", so Fornicate. Issued in L.A., but later recalled
    IW84NO1 I wait for no one. It's a N. Carolina plate that cruise around Winston-Salem on the back of a silver Porsche 944.
    IX On Russell's Jaguar Mark IX. BTW, "ix" at one point in pre-Classical Mayan meant "jaguar"
    IXCLR8 I accelerate, on Tom's 1965 Chevelle Super Sport. He claims he has always proven his point when the need arises.
    IX FE IX=Roman numeral 9 and Fe=chemical symbol for iron... "nine-iron". The plate belongs to a Chicago area golf nut.
    IXIVIV On a Porsche 944
    IXLR8 I accelerate, on a California Maserati
    IXMN8U I examinate you, on a doctor's car
    IXXI On a Porsche 911
    IX XIV On a Porsche 914
    JEALOUS On a BMW 525i that was given to a teenager after his high school graduation.
    JEEPEATR on a highly modified 1995 GMC Yukon GT
    JESBUGN Just bugging, on a yellow VW beetle
    JETJOCK Fighter Pilot
    JJJJXXX The owner was named Jay and that he had married and divorced several times. Hence, "Jay's ex's"
    JK MNO Look closely and see what's missing. That's right, there's no L, i.e. "There's Noel". Cool huh?
    JOFO Just Out f---'n off, on a 1979 Ford hi-boy Bronco
    JSTDUIT Just do it!
    JUZACAR While this might be true of this guy's silver delorian, the same cannot be said for Doc Brown's time travelling contraption
    K9 STYL Canine Style, on a Kennel-Catcher's car
    KAOTIK The state of the car owner's life
    KEEP UP Yeah, you slow poke!
    KEMO SAAB On a SAAB 900E with New Mexico plate
    KEPT On a Rolls-Royce Corniche driven by a very attractive blonde
    KHAQQ Phonetic rendering of owner's anatomical part
    KIDBGON Kid be gone! On a red BMW driven by middle-aged parents
    KILDUMP Kill the ump...boy, is this highschool baseball umpire in Washington state asking for it or what?
    KILNTYM Killing time, on a 1969 camaro 1/4 mile drag car
    KINDBUG On an old VW Bug
    KOYTUS Coitus...look it up!
    KPASAMD K (Que) Pasa MD, What's up doc?
    KPOOM On a small car
    KRAY ZEE This guy recently purchased a 1996 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo without his wife's consent, 2 months before his wedding, one month after buying his house, and 2 days after being lasered doing 95 in a 35. When his wife found out, her response was simply "are you f _ _ _ _ _ _ KRAY ZEE?"
    KVECH 22 Kvetch 22, kvetch is Yiddish for complaining chronically
    KY DUDE Kentucky or Kinky dude
    KYHONEY Another Kentuckian or KY-jelly honey?
    KZUL SX Hate to tell these guys this, but "casual sex" is passe. Seen on a Nissan 200SX in California
    L84AD8 Late for a date (Nicole Brown Simpson's Farrari)
    LAGUNS on a 87 Suzuki, maybe a LA transplant. Remember all the freeway shootings that took place in Los Angeles a while back
    LC2KILL Licence to Kill, on a 90 Modified Talon
    LE BMER On a pretentious white 535i BMW
    LE TAG On a Renault Le Car
    LEFTEEZ Probably a southpaw
    LEMMING Clueless animal
    LEMON On a late model Mustang convertible
    LETS M8 Let's mate
    LFTIT4U Left it for you, on a convertible
    LFTLANR Left laner, ie, Mr. Speeder, ona '89 Honda Prelude 4WS
    LGGD OFF Appropriate plate for a technical producer at America Online who "logged off" with the top down on his 1996 Saleen Mustang Speedster convertible every Friday after work.
    LICENSE Plain and simple
    LIFSABCH Life's a bitch (or beach)!
    LIK2BEX Like to be a 10! On a white Camaro with a blonde driving
    LITIG8 A lawyer, driving an EXPENSIVE car in Alaska
    LIV42DA Live for today, on a red '79 Corvette
    L JEEPO Seen on a Ontario plate in Canada
    LKN4 36D Looking for 36D. Good luck, buddy!
    LOGLOZ On a lowered Jaguar w/ Neon lighting
    LOONYBIN On a self-proclaimed cartoon freak
    LOVEMYHO Love my HOnda, but check the link out for the rest of the story
    LOXMIF On a locksmith's car
    LQQKNLO On a very lowered white Mustang 5.0 LX (the "Q's" look like eyes looking down)
    LST TAG Lost Tag, where is it again?
    LTRDST8 Litter the state? Probably Altered State. Thanks Thomas
    LTSLXIX Let's 69!
    LTSOMTL Lots of metal
    LUGNAF Let Us Get Naked And ____. Ahem, ...on a 93 Vette.
    LUKE4 8 A driver cursed and tailgated one particularly slow car for some distance, and he noticed the vanity plate of the slow car. Getting home, he checked his trusty bible and read Luke 4:8 and found "And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan ..."
    LUV2SPD Love to Speed on a 92 ZX-11 Ninja
    LUV DAD On a convertible 86 Z-28
    LV 2 TCH Love to teach
    LVB4UDI Live Before You Die
    LVME2X Love me two times, a ref. to a Doors song. I like to thank Roger for pointing this out to me.
    LVNLG living large, and the owner wasn't joking either
    LVNGLYF Living life, on a white Miata
    MACGEEK A MacIntosh computer fan
    MACMYDAY A MacIntosh computer fan and a Dirty Harry fan!
    MAC-USER A Loyal Mac fan
    MADHATR Mad Hatter on a white '67 Volvo 122S coupe with a brim hat incense ashtray in the rear window.
    MAFIA On a Black Stretch Limo
    MAKMLAF On a comedian's car in a Blazer in Nevada
    MAX VEL Maximum velocity on a 1995 Nissan Maxima SE
    M BALMED Embalmed, on a 1970 Cadillac Hearse
    MDLFCRIS Mid-life crisis, on a 1990 Nissan 300 ZX
    MEANMY ...Shadow, Dodge Shadow that is (in St. Louis)
    MEETNM8 Meet and Mate
    MEGOB4U Me go before you!
    ME HURT On a car with a handicapped driver symbol
    MI6 SPY A British car. MI-6 is the popular designation for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service.
    MINE On a Lincoln Town car
    MINIAC On a 60' Austin Mini Cooper
    MINUET A Musician's car
    MI TU U Me to you
    MKITSO Make it so, number one! On a Honda Civic
    ML8ML8 I'm late! I'm late! on a white VW Rabbit (another Alice in Wonderland reference)
    MLBU VW "Malibu Volkswagen" on a '96 Porsche C4-S. The owner said, "Just a stab at the car, anywhere else the car would be extravegent, in Malibu they are as common as Volkswagens elsewhere "
    MLNEIUM On a 61 Ford Falcon, as in a Milineum Falcon from Star Wars
    MMMBABY! On a Mazda Miata owned by a babe
    MMM-HMM Seen in Houston on a white '56 T-bird with two stunning blondes aboard
    MMRE MKR Memory Maker (computer chip manufacturer?), on a blue Honda
    MONEPIT Cash guzzling boat
    MOSEYIN Just moseyin' on a 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS, street rod
    MOVN FR8 On the vehicle of a dispatcher who works in trucking
    M POWER A BMW M3....what else?
    MR QUICK On a big black '68 Mustang. Once a girl asked if the 'Stang plate referred to the car or the driver. The owner told her it referred to the driver, but he could go all night. She walked away very fast with a red face . . .
    MSAGRO Orgasm backwards as seen on a Lotus Esprit SE driven by a hot blonde (maybe her name is Ms Agro)
    MSMY911 Miss My Porsche 911, on a rundown Oldsmobile
    MTBRAIN Empty Brain
    MUF DVR On an Ohio car
    MY CAR At least now we know who owns that car...
    MY DEBT On a New York car
    MY EU4IA My Euphoria, on a '87 Corvette
    MY F40 Alas, it is on a 87 Camaro
    MY FEE On a fiery red Mercedes convertible
    MY HOME is my Cressida?
    MY MINK On a big, emerald-green Cadillac convertible, driven by an attractive brunette lady
    MYOBCSHN A '91 Miata is the object of obsession
    MYREVNG My Revenge (Divorcee)
    MYSNCAN If you remember your highschool chemistry, you should recall that Sn stands for tin, and in case you were wondering, the owner claims that his silver dodge shadow is one, a tin can, that is.
    MYT4CYL Mighty 4 Cylinder, on a 250 horsepower Plymouth Laser Turbo All-Wheel-Drive
    MYZRATI Seen on a Maserati in San Jose
    MZ-CHF Wife of a fire chief in the St. Louis County, Missouri area. BTW, MRS-CHF was taken by the Police chief's wife.
    MZDARTI Mazda-ra-ti, on an upgraded Miata
    N2SHEEP Hmmm...rancher's car
    NACL H20 Salt (Sodium Chloride) water. Lifeguard, perchance?
    NAHRTBT In a heart beat, on a 66' Chevy II SS hardtop
    NASDBOY "Nasty Boy" where NASD stands for National Association of Securities Dealers. The owner is a stockbroker and aspiring yuppie.
    NAVYAV8R Navy Aviator
    NAW T On a red Ford, driven by a pretty hot female.
    NB SNOB Nota Bene (important) Snob, or alternatively, it could be "Newport Beach Snob" (thanks to one astute reader)
    ND4SPED Need For Speed, on a white 1992 300ZX Twin Turbo, bumped up to 396hp
    NDNGIRL The owner told me that she's a very attractive Native American female, and I have no reason to doubt her
    NDLSMR Endless summer, on a sorority girl's california VW Rabbit
    NDSADL In the saddle, on a '66 Mustang
    NE1469 Anyone for 69?
    NEONE4T Anyone for tea? On a British car, of course!
    NETGAME On a white Honda. Either an avid tennis player or volleyball player or both!
    NEXT On an old Cadillac hearse in Ohio
    NICEBODY On a Ferrari Daytona driven by a very NICE blonde
    NICE EH On a REALLY beat up car
    NITRIS Nitrous Oxide injected into the intake adds 150 Horse Power...major speed!!
    NIZ2CU On a blue Dodge Viper
    NJYNLF Owner is enjoying life in the beautiful state of Arizona
    NO1UNO No one you know, so don't bother me!
    NO 2ISHN No tuition, seen on a corvette
    NOBODY On a Rolls Royce
    NOBRAIN No brain
    NOBRKS No brakes!
    NO CACA That is, no shit!
    NOETHCS Lawyer's car?
    NO JOB On a white Ferrari Testa Rossa driven by a teenage girl
    NOMODO No More Dough, on a Veerrrry expensive car
    NOMRTIX No more tickets! Originally, the owner had this plate
    NONE Funny when this one is on paper (registration,tickets,etc)
    NOPCME No pee, see me, another urologist's car
    NOPLATE Funny when on paper
    NOT2FEAR On A Mustang 4 Cylinder
    NOT2HI Not too high, on a jacked-up pickup truck
    NOT4MUD Restored, elevated truck in Evansville, IN
    NOTDADS An appropriate plate on the back of a corvette owned by a fraternity brother in college
    NOT FAT On a RX7 (woman owned)
    NOTGLTY OJ's claim, but you be the judge!
    NOT HOT (not stolen) on a Porsche 924
    NOTIC8S No tickets (he lied), on a Porsche 911
    NOT OJ Seen in Northern California on a White Bronco
    NOTUAGN Oh no, it's you again!
    NOT YETT This WAS a real California plate, which was on a retired 1967 HEARSE from 1985 through 1991. Unfortunately, even old hearses die.
    NOT YOU On a Pennsylvania plate where the motto is "You have a friend in Pennsylvania"...apparently not!
    NO WIFE On a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee that was pulling a new fishing boat in North Dakota
    NOYGDB None Of Your God Damn Business!
    NO YOLK Seen on a white suzuki swift
    NOZBLEED Nosebleed
    NRG Energy
    N ROLL On an IROC Z-28 Camaro in Michigan. Get it? IROC was on the bottom of each side of the car, so it reads IROC N ROLL.
    NRVOUS On a red porsche 911 (he was driving cautiously)
    NS8IABL Insatiable!
    NT12WRK Not one to work on a 96 Probe
    NTOTO2 And toto too (Wizard of Oz ref)
    NU JOY Z On a shiny new Nissan 300ZX in New Jersey. A nice double-entendre, since it also picks up the north "Joizy" accent.
    NUNSRUS On a van carrying a group of sisters clad in habits
    NVIGOR8 Black Acura Vigor (California)
    NVMYZ28 Envy my Z28
    NVRENUF Never Enough
    NVRLKBK Never Look Back, on a DeLorian. This is in reference to the movie "Back to the Future"
    NVRSADI Never say die on a cherry 1985 Nissan 300zx with 130,000 miles
    NY AXXNT The owner is a fan of NY and has the original plate hanging in her office in NYNY.
    NYMFEO New York Mafioso and proud of it!
    NYOFACE In Your Face, on a supercharged Celica
    NYOMAD This guy makes good use of his plate; everytime when someone asks him what the letters means, he says if he tells them, they will need to buy him a drink. BTW, Now You Owe Me A Drink...Scotch on the rocks, please
    NYTMARE A temperamental 86 Fiero SE
    NYUKX3 i.e. Nyuks Nyuks Nyuks. Remember Larry, Curly, Moe, and maybe Shemp?
    02BAN0D Oh, to be an O.D. (Optometric Doctor), on a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
    O2BCD8D Oh, to be sedated or love to be sedated!
    O2BME on a bright red Jeep Wrangler
    O2BQUIK on a 1996 Red Camaro SS
    OBJET On a Dodge Dart
    O BLOOD On Albert Fisher's car. He has O+ blood and he has donated over 29 gallons(!) of his blood over the last 44 years.
    OBSERV1 An amateur astronomer's plate
    OH2B39 A woman in her early 50's has had the following plate for about the last ten years
    OHGOOD You say this when you are buried in traffic
    OINKCAR As opposed to what? Cash cow?!
    OJDIDIT Whether you agree or not, you can now cast your own vote!
    OK DIE On a NH 'Live free or Die' automobile.
    OLD F On a Custom Harley
    OL-F The loving family presented the old fart with a new plate for his 95 911 Porsche You have to be close to seventy and live in Newport Beach, California for something like that
    OOHLALA on a sleek, customized Corvette with a gorgeous paint job
    OOICUP OO..(h)iccup, excuse me! Or as somebody else suggusted, maybe it's "Uh-oh, I see you pee"
    OOOOMMM + the frame: May the Force Be With you... Transcendental Meditation
    OPN WYD On a Dentist's car
    OR INNI Seen on an Audi (Outie)
    PACE ME On an Indy Pace Car Fiero
    PAID2RGU Paid to aruge, an attorney's ego tag in New York
    PAIDOF It's paid off
    PAWSH Posh on a Porsche
    PARDONME Apology for cutting you off
    PASS ME on a 1966 VW Beetle with a very weak 1200cc engine in Pennsylvania
    PAZAREV Pa's a Reverend, on a pastor's son's car!
    PB4 UGO Pee before you go! On a minivan packed with kids and two tired looking parents
    PCA SHT Piece a shit, on an old Ford Falcon with loose fenders and belching exhaust pipe
    PD2MUCH On an extremely nice Dodge Ram pickup
    PD4BYEX Paid for by Ex-(husband), on a red BMW
    PD CASH On a vette
    PEACE 95 A woman whose car sported this plate, chased a motorist, threatening him with an aluminum softball bat. She was arrested.
    PEG LEG On a pick-up, the owner has only one leg
    PH 7 This guy was the seventh in line to get his plate in Port Hedland, Australia. He is currently working in a lab where people constantly are asking "who's the neutral guy with the hot red pickup ?"
    PHA Q A plate seen in Nebraska (the DMV guy must have been sleeping again)
    PHLEGM Oops, I think we are following a tad too close
    PIKED6 Picked 6 (a lottery game), on a very upscale Mercedes
    PISSOFF Well, you hear the man.
    PILPUSR Pill pusher, on a pharmacist 1990 Chevrolet Corvette
    PMPN8EZ Pimp'n ain't EZ
    PMS ESP On a lady's car in Virginia. Her translation of the plate is: Bitch that knows everything
    PMSX365 PreMenstrual Syndrome all year!
    PNS NVY Penis envy, on a BMW K-75 motorcycle. Not too sure how the owner got past the DMV with this one.
    POMPOMS On the car of a former cheerleader
    PONOMO Poor No More: On a Cadillac in Atlanta
    POOH-C Seen in West Hollywood on a black Porsche
    POOR ME He might be, after shelling out big money for his red Porsche 911 convertible.
    POORSCH On an RX-7 Turbo
    PORKIN Seen on a black Cadillac driven by a cute petite blond near the Indiana/Illinois border
    PORPHKR Poor f***er on a black Buick Riviera.
    POT8OS Dan Quayle's favorite vegetable...or is that "Dan Quayle is his favorite vegetable"
    PP DR This plate belongs to a urologist in the Detroit area
    PRAY On a priest's minivan
    PRESTO "Very Fast" in musical terms, on a black sports coupe
    PROBING What else, on a stupid Ford Probe
    PRRRRR On a Jaguar
    PSYETR Pussy eater, on a Z28
    PU55Y Hmmm, this one got pass the DMV? Brad swore he saw it back in 1985, the GOOD OLD days.
    PUCK U Driven by a hockey coach
    PULN GS Pulling Gs, on a 300ZX
    PUPULE Hawaiian for "crazy" or a pupil who needs more spelling lessons?
    PUTN 4DO Putting for dough, a professional golfer?
    PWR NAP Seen on a Passat
    QN ELVIS Queen Elvis? On a Chevy Cavalier
    QT PI Cutie Pie, on a car in Missouri
    QUICK AG Owner is a Chemical Engineering major, so the AG fits the color of the car as well as making a rather understated chemistry reference.
    QUIKEE On a black 911
    QUIXOT Oh great, that's all we need, another dreamer on the road
    QWKPHKR Quick f***er on a Vette
    RACE ME On a sports car
    RAKMUP Rack'em up, on a pool room owner's '93 Ford Ranger
    RARE On a 55 Chevy
    RASTRO Chevy Astro van with Jetson graphics
    RATA2E Not sure if this guy cooks much, but apparently ratatouille is his favorite dish
    RAWPOWR Apt description for a black 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10 in Morristown, NJ.
    RCHPHKR Rich F@#$%r
    RD MD Road Doctor
    REBOS (sober, backwards)
    RECHDXS Wretched excess, on a $120,000 Aston Martin sports car owned by a once-flamboyant businessman who was convicted of racketeering and fraud. He also owned a 42-foot speed boat called BAD BOY.
    REDDVL Red devil, on a 911 turbo
    REDSHFT Redshift refers to the Doppler Shift as something is moving away from you at high speeds. The faster it's moving the greater the RED SHIFT.
    RELXDAD "relax dad" teenage girls muscled ford fairlane
    RESET On a fully restored (hence reset) 1968 FORD MUSTANG
    REVO EVOM Move over backwards, on a 944
    RIRUVRU Try pronouncing it in dog accent...I am serious, RI RUV RU (I love you) on a 1990 Geo Storm
    RK N RL 9 Long live rock and roll on a Plymouth Sundance (9 as in nine lives)
    R LILBUS Our l'il Bus, on a Virginia Pontiac Transport SE
    RM41MR Room for one more, on a Cadillac Hearse
    RM 4 U There's room enough for you, so stop tailgating me!
    RMOTL6 "Our Motel 6" on a 33' Estancia Motor Home
    ROKURAS Rock your ass, on a VW bus covered with rock band logos
    ROKYHRR Rocky Horror fan, on a 89 Camry
    ROTFL :-D (only possible because : and - count as 1/2 space each.) It's a NC plate -- just got it this year! (oh, and it stands for the Internet acronym Rolling on the Floor Laughing -- followed by a laughing smiley!)
    ROTTT N The owner has a couple of rottweilers, and he often takes them cruising on his black jeep wrangler
    RSKYBNS Risky Business, on a '94 Red Porsche 968
    RTFM Read the #$@!* manual!
    RTROVRS Retrovirus, on a virologist's plate
    RU18QT Are you 18, cutie? On a 68 Mustang ragtop
    RU 469 "Are you for 69?", a question posed by a husband to his wife in Melbourne. Her reply ...
    RU 486 On the car of a self-proclaimed right wing abortion provider. What is RU-486? Find out here!
    RU4GOD Are you for God? Early morning ruminations after ingesting too much spirits?
    RU4REAL Are you for real?
    RUABCH2 Are you a bitch too? We bitches must really stick together!
    RUAG8D8 Are you a great date?
    RUBZ Are you busy?
    RUBZ2NT Are you busy tonite?
    RUCCP Are you s..s..sleepy?
    RUMRS2 Are you Mrs 2? (on a Toyota Mr2)
    RU NEXT Are you next? On a Hearse driven by a mortician's son
    RUOKYET Are you OK yet?
    RUNVUS Are you envious?
    RURT2 Are you arty too? Gallery owner in San Diego
    RVO3VOM Move over mirror image, on a BMW coming up at 80mph
    S5280FT Smile, 5,280 feet = 1 mile. Kinda cheesy if you aske me.
    SAP XUAF Faux pas spelled backwards, on a Pugeot
    SATANRB Satan Reborn?!
    SAXUAL Owner is a Jazz Fiend! He can't get anough Sax!!
    SAY AHH On a doctor's car
    SAYBYBY An Arkansan 1990 Corvette that is highly modified to road race
    SCUMBIRD On a Pontiac Sunbird
    SEEYA On a very fast BMW
    SELL NO Sell? No! On a '69 Camaro convertible
    SETAGOAL For six years, the owner kept a picture on his bathroom mirror of his dream car. It was his inspiration for going to work each day...four years ago he bought his dream car - a Porsche 928S4.
    SGL4LIF Single for life, on a Porsche 928 (probably the reason he can afford to own it)
    SHOOTER On a car owned by a member of the university's rifle team
    SHOW COLI a trainer or owner of a champion collie
    SHWING Wayne's world! Wayne's world!
    SHWINGR Enough said!
    SIQTDE Hint: SI QT DE...Time's up...Cutie Inside (QT in SIDE) on a white 1995 Integra in Virginia. Very cute!
    SITE CN On a Winnebago cruising down I-95 south of Philadelphia
    SK84LF Skate for Life, on a car owned by a sports store manager
    SLAV 4ME On a car being driven by a very large scary lookin' woman.
    SLYASA Sly As A, on a Volkswagen Fox
    SMOKDYA Smoked you!
    SMURFME On a Toyota Forerunner
    S MY D S--- My D---, on a red 65 Mustang in San Fran
    SNAAB Snob! on a bright red Saab.
    SNKBITE On a Dodge Viper
    SOBOSOB Grand Son of a Bitch? S.O.B. of a S.O.B
    SOL MAN On a Honda del Sol
    SOSUME So Sue Me
    SPDGTKT Speeding ticket, on a red corvette
    SPEDKLS Speed Kills on a 93 Mazda. This one was pulled over by the cops, proably for speeding
    SPIFFY On a 1979 Chevrolet Corvette
    SPLAT On an exterminators truck in Oregon.
    SPOILME On a blue Honda Accord
    SQLAPS Aesculapius (Roman God of Healing) on a 1972 350 SL. Now why didn't I think of it before?
    SRUOY PU Up yours mirrored
    SRVEMUP Tennis and volleyball are this guy's hobbies, on his 91 Civic Si
    SSSSSSS On a Cobra in Virginia
    STELAAA He uttered this famous line in A Streetcar Named Desire
    ST ETR Street eater
    STIF ONE On an old white hearse in Utah
    STOLEN On a '65 Corvette
    STOP Get the message?
    STORK1 On an Obstetrician's Mercedes
    STOX UP On an investment broker's car
    STR8NR Straightener, on an orthodontist's 911SC
    STRM NRM Stormin Norman
    SU ROOT SuperUser Root, a unix geek. On a Porsche 911
    SWTPEA Sweet pea, on a green Porsche 911
    SYCOGZR Psycho gazer, seen on a Suzuki GSX-R750 with a less than prudent rider
    TAN 270 This one is taken from Car Talk's Puzzler section. You are suppose to figure out what kind of car the owner drives from the plate. Check your answer with the official solution.
    TAX RFND on a Red Acura NSX in Los Angeles, CA
    TCHUSS Good bye in German, on a 911
    TEA REX On a yellow 1994 Porsche 968 Convertible owned by the President of China Mist Tea Company.
    TENGO2 "Tengo" is Spanish for "I have", on a Mercedes 8L-500
    THANXDAD Well, what can I say?
    THE END On a blue cadillac hearse
    THE KGB On a nondescript black vehicle
    THX JAVA Another one coasting on the internet gravy train. Seen on a brand new Porche with a smartly dressed guy driving it
    THX NSCP Thanks Netscape! On a brand new white 911 Carrera 4 bought by an employee of Netscape. In case you just crawled out of a cave, this is what he is thankful for.
    TI3VOM Move it! mirror image
    TIKET ME The owner had this plate for three years in which he accumulated eight parking tickets and two speeding tickets, so he change his plate to this
    TIH2 HO Oh shit mirror image
    TIHZ WA Ah shit mirror image
    TIN CAN On a Toyota
    T IT UP On a golfer's car
    TLCOOL1 Tall Cool One (a Robert Plant song), on the plate of this SWM, 6'7" 235 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes ISO of a fair maiden to share eternity with...sorry, gals, he didn't leave his URL
    TODA LK2 To the Lake, too! Check out her husband's plate
    TOFLY On a late model Olds 442
    TOH MI I'm hot mirror image, and she is!
    TOMATO On a red -- VERY red -- sports coupe, and, of course, it was driven by a great-looking girl!
    TONKA On a yellow Geo Tracker, the owner's favorite new toy
    TOO FAST Russ' 74 Corvette w/blueprinted engine. You have to see the rest of Russ' series to appreciate this
    TOOFDR On a dentist's car. Tooth Doctor, get it?
    TOO HOT On a motorcyle plate in Arizona
    TOOLONG On a Lincoln super-long limo owned by Super Limousine Seattle, WA.
    TOONS on a cartoonist/musician's car
    TOTLXTC Total Ecstasy
    TRUEX2C True Ecstasy on a 73 Corvette
    TTOZTR1 Testosterone
    TTSNASS Tits and ass, the driver has all of the above!
    TUFF BUG On a Volkswagen Beetle (my favorite)
    TWEETY On a yellow 57 Thunderbird
    TWT LVR Aren't we all? Seen on a Corvette at the Pentagon (don't know how it sneaked past the censors)
    TYPE A as in Aggressive driver!
    TZNUBLU Teasing you blue, seen in Sacramento, CA
    TZVECL On an Ophthalmologist's car - it's the 20/20 line on the eye chart.
    U12B12 You want to be one too!
    U2 1 DAY You Too One Day! On a Hearse in central California
    UCB4UK You see before you...Kay, or you see before you pay (rhymes with k), on a car driven by a young lady. Personally, I like my "loose" interpretation
    UCLAFOX On a Woman's 280ZX
    UGOT2BU On a VW bug
    UHATEME Remember the "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" ads. It is a fraternity prank.They dared him and he did it. He lives in Virginia and drives a red 325 BMW.
    U LOSE On a Mustang GT
    U L LOSE On a 1995 Z-28 Camaro in Illinois
    UNI2NITE What do you say, You N I tonite...on a positive thinker's white Monte Carlo
    UNIXINU Unix, forwards and backwards
    UNMLU You animal, you.
    UNSTPBL Unstoppable! I think you better take heed, it's on a Hummer
    UNV ME You envy me
    UP N D Up and down. The owner works on elevators for a living.
    UPP4ME You Pee Pee for Me, on a Urologist's license plate
    UPU II Up yours too!
    UPURNOZ Seen in California several years ago. Safe to say that this plate doesn't belong to Ms Manners.
    UPURP2T Up your patuti (I think you can figure out from the context)
    UPURZ2 Retort to above
    UPY-000 Up your..., on a Porsche
    UPYOURZ Same to you buddy! (seen in heavy traffic in Virginia)
    URABUS Subaru backwards...or you are a BUS!
    UR2LOW On a Jacked up 69 Camaro 4WD + Lift kit
    URAPNES You are a penis, on a Florida high schooler's Volkswagen Corrado, license plate later taken away by state. While he owned the plate, the principal MADE him put paper over the plate every day to cover it when he parked in front of the school
    URELAX2 You relax too, on a Bonneville
    URL F Earl Fife is the webmaster for his local Miata Club so the pun is fully intended.
    URNZWA You heard him, "You are in zee way!"
    URSOHOT You are so hot
    USA2DA Gannett News employee? Seen on a white Mazda 626
    UTA3I I eat u when viewed in rearview mirror
    UUUD444 Use THE Force, Luke!
    UWANT12 You want one too?
    V8KILLR On a heavily modified Eagle Talon
    VAN GO for a vanpool
    VANITY Plain and simple
    VET DRM Vette (wet) dream on A Vette at the drag strip in Ennis, TX
    VETTOW corvette tow, on a'93 Chevy truck used to tow a Vette
    VICIOUS On a black Corvette convertible
    VIVA SEX Red fiero, 2 females eastbound on highway going quite fast
    VIXULDV8 Sexual deviate, on a Mercedes 500sl
    VLAD On an Impala...Dracula!
    VROOOM On a little 2 seated MG Roadster
    W84ME Wait for me, on a VW bug
    W8LFTR Weightlifter
    W8N4FRI Waitin' for Friday...join the club!
    W8NG4IT Waiting for it
    WA 2 FST Way to fast, on a Mustang (11.4 seconds at 120+ street legal!)
    WAGON HO On a station wagon
    WANAPLAY On A High Performance Sports Car
    WARPDRV Warp Drive, on a 1987 Buick Grand National Raleigh N.C.
    WAS HIS After a divorce, on a jaguar
    WASCALY On a very wascally VW wabbit
    WAY2HOT On a RED Mistubishi 3000 GT-VR4
    WEASL 1 Weasels #1. No, it's not a lawyer's car. The owner has 6 ferrets
    WEB BLDR Fellow web builder, on a red Honda Civic
    WED4LIFE Newlyweds' car
    WEDIG4U Seen in Santa Cruz, CA. on a very old hearse being driven by either a grungy teenager or a zombie.
    WETDRM Seen on a Porche...not to sure the driver should be doing that while he's driving
    WE WE On some van
    WE WE DR A urologist's plate
    WHAT COP On a 86 RX7
    WHIZBYU Whiz by you, on a 300ZX
    WHOCARZ Who Cares?
    WHOOSH On a porsche
    WHORU Who are you?
    WHQQSH On a '81 Delorean. As you know, the Q's on the plate actually look like eyeballs. And it's rather appropriate especially with both gull-wing doors open!
    WHTHFK WHat THe F**K? On a VW Beetle
    WHY 55 Why 55mph?
    WIKIDD Wicked, on a 1993 MAZDA MX-3 that will be in the IASCA shows this summer
    WIMOVEH On Phil Margo's 1967 Olds. As a membef of the Tokens, he sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    WISE ASP On a Red 93 Dodge Viper in San Diego
    WKNDLVR Weekend Lover, on a red Pontiac Grand Prix, purchased for the driver by her long-distance love
    WLDTHNG Wild thing, on a VW thing
    WLPPRIT Wall paper it! On a crazed decorators carVW thing
    WNDSWPT Windswept on a VW convertible
    WNDWS95 Windows 95, On a customized 95 Chevy Astro Van.
    WOE 2 U Several other meanings besides the obvious one: 1) is from the Iron Maiden song "Number of the Beast". It is also a quote from the bible (Book Of Revelations Chapter 13 Verse 18)
    WOHORSY Whoa Horsy, on a 89 Mustang GT
    WON IT This explains why this big old caddy is PINK!
    WTFMYM "What The F***, Make Your Move", on a lady's 89 Corvette, acquired just before her divorce
    WUZHIZ On a red Corvette in Anaheim California
    WWWOWW On a black dodge stealth
    WYLDKAT Wild Cat, on a 944
    XCLRATN Acceleration, on a Corvette
    XCLER8 Accelerate, on a Mustang
    XEYETING On an Optometrist's 1992 black special edition Miata
    X-HIPPY Something us X-generation can't relate to
    XITHWY1 a trucker's plate, Highway 1 was old CB slang for trucker heaven
    XKWIZIT Exquisite, on a '56 speedster
    XLR82XS Accelerate to excess, on a motorcycle in Texas
    XPIRED Expired
    XQQSME Excuse me!
    XQUS ME Excuse me, please kindly get out of my way!
    XQZMOI Seen on a Porsche..... (Miss Piggy's perhaps?)
    XSIV HI Excessive high
    XTAZ Ecstasy, on a pearl blue 300ZX Stillen Turbo with 18" chrome wheels
    XTC4U2C Ecstasy for you to see, on a Nissan 300ZX
    XTREME On a '95 pearl blazer
    XXRENUF Two Ex's are enough or maybe girls are enough?
    XXX R8D XXX-rated
    XXXXXX On a Mercedes
    XY RN On a male Registered Nurses's plate in NY state. He said at the time he acquired the plate that he wouldn't date any woman who didn't understand what it meant.
    XYXX On a geneticist's car
    XYZZY Seen on an Ohio car, the magic word
    Y55MPH Why 55mph? On an expensive Mercedes
    YA WHO Yahoo!!! Ya who???
    YBEAMAN Why be a man? Apparently, the owner's name IS Yvette Beaman.
    YBY4EN Why buy foreign? on a corvette
    YBNRML Why be normal
    YESLORD Devout Christian?
    YME GOD The lament of the ages
    YOT YM My toy, mirror image
    YOURN8 Urinate, seen on a BMW
    YRUMAD Why r u mad, seen on a ZR1
    Y TRY Why try to catch up? Don't even bother! On a Porche 928s4
    YURNEXT On the car of an undertaker
    YX32 Sexy backwards, on a New York plate
    YY2WRY Too wise and too wry to boot. On a Honda Civic convertible
    YY4U Yet another wise guy. If you believe him, then he's too wise for you
    ZIPNBY Zipping by, on a fast foreign car
    ZIPPY Z On a 300 zx
    ZMEGOBYU On a 300ZX Turbo
    ZPDUDA Zippity doo dah....
    ZUNHELL Zee you in hell, on a 280-Z
    Z WIZ On a Camaro Z-28
    ZZZ on a 280Z with 350 V8 Engine
    ZZZZZZX On a 1983 Datsun 300ZX in West Point, VA
    ZZZZZZZ On a 1985 Nissan 300ZX

    Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got
    ..........Janis Joplin

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    Pat... I want a UNIQUE one ...not someone elses....LOL

    Jeff.....NO!...didn't you suggest that last time too???LOL

    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    Mary, I like your current plate. Why do you want to change?

    Can't have mine though (SCI NRS)!!!

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    KLD...I don't know...maybe I will start a private thread....sigh...

    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    "If neccessity is the mother of invention,Sci cure is one mother of a neccessity".

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    Geeze, I hope you did not have to type all that stuff in Manually Pat, lol.

    "Life is about how you
    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
    mountains to climb, your
    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    Quote Originally Posted by duramater View Post
    kld...i don't know...maybe i will start a private thread....sigh...

    ...and she lived happily ever after...
    a s l h e a
    We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
    Ronald Reagan

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