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Thread: Discrimination?

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    Counties tend to have certain building codes that builders must meet to pass their regulations. In my county garages must have a step up into the house if it is a closed garage. I'd check with your area's of interest head housing inspector on what are considered "mandatories" and have him write up and notarize an exception to regulation that you can show builders.

    I also saw the coolest custom built house on The Learning Channel a few years back. Wish I had ordered the tape immediately because I can't locate it on their site. They had everything fixed for a paraplegic mom and AB dad and baby. Things I never thought of like how to make an at grade garage to house possible even on basements, lowered windows that work for everyone, pocket doors (with windows for the baby's room from the hall), built in microwave with pulldown door and built in pullout shelf underneath, swing away boiling water tap at one kitchen sink and the thing that made me drool...a ceiling lift equipped jacuzzi/soaking garden tub in the corner of the master bath. Oh, and side by side dishwasher unit so there is minimal leaning to stow and pull out dishes. If you can find that program it might give you some things you'll want built into a non-custom home solely by having a few more weight bearing studs in certain walls and ceilings for future lifts or swing away cabinetry, etc.

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    We built a new home this year that has a full basement and attached garage. Creating a zero step entry was easily accomplised at all entrances. The exception was the garage which normally has a minimum 11 inch difference (a step). Utilizing a design that requires "the step" be built into the foundation does cost an extra $800-$3000 and the resulting difference at the threshold is 2 inches, the minimum allowed by code to allow for carbon monoxide in the garage.

    Funny thing about our builder (we chose them because they were developing the property we liked and so had to select one of their designs ) is how frustrated they were with implementing our requests. We had discussions about all the extra design fees they were incurring to accomodate us. My viewpoint was that we should not be charged for their learning curve, as they would be able to market themselves as "expert" in accessibility issues, yet pass the charge onto us. They are now building another wheelchair accessible home and guess whose design they are using?

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