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Thread: favortite sites to kill time on...

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    favortite sites to kill time on...

    just thought i'd start a thread on various websites out there that you visit & waste countless hours on either because you're bored or just procrastinating

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    Some way cool sites you posted! Too bad this computer...a public one...doesn't have any speakers/sound! I will have to check these sites out when I get my own computer...soon!!!

    One of my favorites...that I haven't had time to "really" search is

    Also...I can go into and surf for days on the links...

    Take care and God bless...

    P.s. Also check out

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    this ones good for a laugh...

    you can even rate them

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    Looking for a place to spend lots of hours ?

    How about

    A real lovely chatroom.. trust me, lots of things happen there, and occasionally the famous Wise Young shows up :-)

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    Good idea vic

    JM, Yahoo's game site is fun and addictive. I'm there a lot.

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