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Thread: New Wheelchair Automatically Senses 'Push' Required

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironside
    Just found some more information on e-motion. Doesn't look very quadriplegic friendly to me, typical! I would be interested to know how much it is, most of these websites won't tell you, I wonder why?
    E-Motion isn't a wheelchair, it's wheels that you can add to your existing wheelchair. Most of the people that I know that use them ARE quads. They are power-assist wheels. The biggest complaint that people seem to have is if you break down your chair to load into a car, they add a lot of weight to the chair. Those that use them can give a lot more info on them and first hand experience.
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    I agree. We use them a lot for our clients with tetraplegia who can use a manual chair (C5 through C8) as well as for our older clients with paraplegia who have "shot" their shoulders over the years. If you drive a van and either drive from your chair or transfer from your chair to the seat and don't have to break the chair down the weight is really not much of an issue. It is if you are transferring into a car and have to break down the chair and lift the wheels in yourself.

    There are very few manual chairs that the E-Motion wheels will not work on.


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