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Thread: Home Health when you're employed?

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    First off you can make $780 on SSDI BEFORE work related expenses, which are monies you pay out in order to go to work. 1) Someone to help you get ready for work 2) Prescription Drugs ) Any leg bags,nite bags etc... that 20% medicare doesn't pay towards is taken off that $780.00. So if you have $500.00 in WRE you can make $1200.00 and not loose anything.

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    Wow, great information, guys! I didn't check on this post yesterday, what with the Internet Worm and all.... but we'll definitely look into all this stuff. Especially thanks to Free, Stephen Edwards, and Lizbv. Good information, not only for myself, but for anyone else reading this post.

    The boyfriend graduates in December with a Master's degree in Rehabilitation, Social Work, and Addictions. I have no doubts that he'll be able to find a job. It's just, rehab jobs don't exactly pay the big bucks, and it would really hinder him (and me) not to continue getting home health aids.

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