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Thread: Overbraced?

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    I met a gentleman last night. He was six months post spinal injury, from a blood clot around T4 in his spinal cord. He was diagnosed as "complete." In the time following that, he has regained enough quad in his left leg and some in his right to allow him to stand, unbraced.

    Do you find that the diagnosis you received from your surgeons, reinforced by your doctors, and instructed by your therapists was too optimistic, too pessimistic, or right on ?

    Incidentally, this gentleman has a complete HKAFO (hip-knee-ancle-foot-orthotic) sitting in his closet gathering dust...I can't help but wonder how many people can't walk now because they were told they never would...

    SO was the acute assessment of your injury and recovery potential by your surgeons and rehab doctors...

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    I just started to train in my HKAFO. Why? because I pushed the issue to the point they said "ok, if that is what you want." I was never approached about standing therepy or anything like that. It took me finding this site for me to realize what I should be doing, more like what the docs should have had me doing.

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    Hubby (t10) was told 6 days after his injury that he would never walk again. When we asked the therapiests about leg braces, walkers, etc. they told us that "they DO NOT plan to stand him up and teach him to walk. ...and it also would look ugly." So after this kind of statement we transfered him to a better known and bigger SCI rehab, where doc put him in some old braces the second day he was there. Yes, the "walk" didn't look pretty, at least at first. Now 21 months later, he can stand up w/his KAFOs (knee-ancle-foot brace) by himself and walk on his own. He is still regaining motor funcion in his legs (he already has 100% of his abdominal and back muscles). We hope that maybe less then a year from now he can go to just AFOs (ankle-foot brace). And of course it takes lots of therapy... Definetely search the forum for any info about that! It's been a great help to hubby...

    And of course, lots of good luck !!!!


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    It strikes me as very basic, telling people

    1) How long they need to stand everyday, in order to minimize the onset of osteoporosis.

    2) Upper body exercises to avoid overuse injuries.

    3) The basics of sports education, and learning to find alternatives to idleness while we're working to walk.

    These things I would like to see a part of rehab right now...everywhere. They are fundamental, even with the assumption that recovery isn't possible.

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