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Thread: Residential lifts/elevators

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    Oh and on the subject of $$$$.... you should know that adding ANY kind of lift ro your home is tax deductible IF you can show a medical need. (At least that's what my Mother-In-Law (CPA) says). We did take a deduction for the cost of the elevator. (Can't remember if just elevator cost or the Whole cost)

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    Clipper. Sorry I didn't see this post earlier.

    I have an elevator (platform lift) in my home from It was installed last year for a total cost of roughly $15,000 (yes, it is deductible as medical necessity).

    My story is as follows. Injured 06/00. Home was previously a two story. Sold two story and bought a ranch style. Finished the basement last winter but only had access via stair chair. Stair chair was very solid but difficult to use. Checked with contractor about where I could put the "elevator" (platform lift). There were about three choices due to plumbing / electrical specs.

    Essentially, from what I remember, the shaft had to be at least 53" deep and 53" wide (about 5'x5'). I used a closet in my study and knocked out the floor (If you're going up in a two story you can knock out the ceiling). Then 2x4 studs reinforced the shaft. Then had to knock out the concrete in the basement (talk about dust) because the unit, in order to be flush with the ground, needs about a 6" depth.

    Platform lift (cable pull) was then installed by two guys (outstanding subcontractors)in two and 1/2 days. Its flawless, extremely solid.

    My guy is based in Chicago and CO. He travels nationally or has other contacts. He's very meticulous (good thing). If you'd like his name and number e-mail me at or call me @ (w) 800-965-3028 ext.644

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

    P.S. When I looked originally, before I knew anything, the estimate on my two story was about $45,000 for a fully enclosed unit. I highly recommend trying to find something like the closet idea when shopping for your home because it will hide the unit well and offers a predetermined space / area so you don't have to create one.

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    We are finalizing our plans for a house. It is going to have an elevator to access 3 floors (basement, 1st, and 2nd). I was wondering what Brands/models people might recomend. Some key features would be reliability/safety, quiet, easy to push buttons, attractivte.

    Also, if anyone knows of any online resources with elevator reviews.


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    I had a lift put in for A$30,000. About $20,000 US at the time. It is hydraulic. Two floors.
    Had no problems.


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    i used the mast off the front of a forklift, put an electric over hydraulic pump on and welded cage on. cheap works great

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    We have a Concord Elevator Handilift-S-48, which is a platform deal bought used for $4,400 . . .the guy who sold it to us promised to buy it back again when we no longer need it . . . we wanted one made by Mac's ( because it was simpler and cheaper, but the Washington state code wouldn't allow it--something about bureaucratic elevator rules.

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