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Thread: Quads that drive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac85 View Post
    SAME WITH ME BEFORE MY accident I USED TO BE RIGHT handed AND NOW I AM LEFT-HANDED, my right arm doesn't function as well as my left ;[
    Yes me too my left arm is a lot stronger and I thought if I could switch it over it would make driving so much easier.

    Thank you

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    Hey there!! I am new to carecure, and full of questions!! I am a c2/3 complete quad, its been a year from my moyorcycle accident, and i sure want to do all this cool things!! Drive, school, travel.. Honestly everything seems so hard and impossible, is there any comeplete quads out there, i see lots of hope when i read and i get excited to ho on, would you be zble to give me a good advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kort View Post
    i drive my ford E-350 4x4 van by sip&puff! i was driving down the interstate the other day and i sneezed and caused a 10 car pile up!
    Do they actually let people drive on the road with sip and puff? If that's true I think that's just reckless and dangerous

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