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Thread: Quads that drive

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    I am a c5 with no wrist control at all,I use gloves that were ment for rollerblading and modified to fit a pin on the steering wheel and one for EGB gas/brake. e-mail me I'll send ya some pic's

    BTW DVR paid for all but the Van cause I work too.

    "Yesterday's History,Tomorrow's a Mystery"

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    hi slomo

    i am c5/6 here is my van & driving mods

    good luck driving again

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    these pics are not coming thru for me, I'll post them when I get back to my home computer sorry.

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    Liz, I saved a picture of your driving controls from when you posted it months ago. It has helped me a lot to have it to explain when talking to people about being able to drive. So far, I have not finished my driving evaluation yet because I will need to get a new van first and I have not figured out what to get yet. By the way, they're telling me the controls would be $70,000 for lifts, remotes and everything .

    Anyway, hope you don't mind that I post the picture. If so, let me know.

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    Ok, thanks Carl. I labeled that picture to "understand" where stuff was.
    Will you have "help" with paying for the mods? Why do you have to buy the van first, before getting an evaluation? My counselor tried to tell me that and I ended up taking her to Client Legal Services to "pat" her hand, and tell her my rights. Once you get the "evaluation" it helps to know exactly what WILL be right for you, not only hand controls but vehicle type. Even mini-vans are different in depth, width, ect. For example; Chevy Venture and Ford Windstar floors are lowered 12" instead of 10" like the Dodge Grand Caravan.

    I had help from bvr except for cost of van plus 10K in mods I paid for. However, modifications above the cost of van are tax deductible, fyi. Getting Bvr (DVR, WHOMEVER)to help takes planning as their restrictions are getting much tighter than they "used" to be, imo. I researched my rights and vans, etc for about two years prior to implementing the process. Let's just say I was bound and determined to drive. Same with other quads, I love to see us driving!! It turned out, my counselor had never done anything like this before. Can you believe she said all I needed was a "spinner knob"? Funny.

    Of course, the value of the "modification" according to bvr is going to be higher as the modification places make a lot of markup so they can make bo-ku bucks off our state tax dollars.
    So, in essence if you go into a modification place privately to build your driving system the price would be lower probably. Seriously, I wouldn't dress up to meet with them, or act like you have cash. Its the whole concept that as disabled people we can be very easily taken advantage of. (kinda like the doc visit concept, or buying a car) Being a woman, nontheless in a wheelchair, is even worse!

    There is another person where I work who I believe is a quad and she just got driving mods built on her 02 entervan. If she'll let me, maybe I could take a picture and post it. Hers does not appear too of complex system. Also, Andrea once posted pics of her new van & mods. I think its good to see different ones.

    I have heard about the joystick driving controls that control most all functions. Pretty cool. I've also saw a headrest that has buttons on it to push with your head.

    Also, I met a guy (prolly c4-5) that has an electronic chip shaped to inside his mouth. He can control his wheelchair by moving his tongue a certain way on it. Also he said it controlled things at home in his house.

    So, keep searching and hopefully find all the latest resources/technology available to suit you right. Good luck. the internet is the best place to find latest!

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    i drive my ford E-350 4x4 van by sip&puff! i was driving down the interstate the other day and i sneezed and caused a 10 car pile up!

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    Kort...I don't know you so I can't tell if you're serious or not but if you are being careful hun!

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    Originally posted by kort:

    i drive my ford E-350 4x4 van by sip&puff! i was driving down the interstate the other day and i sneezed and caused a 10 car pile up!
    LMFAO, I'd Hate to ride with you if you had Hayfever! Heck it could be a wild ride in a open field Though... Count me in on your next drive! LMAO

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    Originally posted by kort:

    i drive my ford E-350 4x4 van by sip&puff!
    Mr Texas, are you mocking me? lol

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    thanks for all the info!!
    it definately looks good for me to get back on the if I could just figure out how to flip other people the bird my driving experience would be complete!

    what are all the buttons for?
    why do you have two sets?
    also, how long did it take for the mods to be done? did it have to go to the manufacturer?

    does anyone that drives have a problem with spasms?? this is my biggest fear. they don't happen too often, but they make it difficult/impossible to drive my chair, I don't want to think what would happen in my van.

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