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Thread: any thoughts on the dog video...

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    any thoughts on the dog video...

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    I didn't get the video to work, don't want to subscribe but that has happened around here too, well, a family dog that was out in the front yard of a farm as the kids played by the house...deer issues were the explanation of the dnr officer, a lawsuit ensued and the officer was reprimanded, more like a slap on the hand! Sometimes, I swear, from knowing a few bad cops one has to wonder just how they got to be a "peace" officer??? Likely, Animal Rights Act. will prosecute this officer, I hope so anyhow.

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    That is so wrong. Before my accident I was enrolled for police academy. That is exactly why. There are too many nobody type people out there that now have a badge and think they own the world. I hope the sue to the point the officer can't get a job even at Burger King. If he thought they were involved in a car jacking why didn't he wait for backup and do a felony stop? He needs to be punished. What would he have done to the people had they stood up for theur rights and resisted arrest? He obviously has no patience for police work.

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