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Thread: This is offensive.....

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    This is offensive.....

    Wheelchair Challenge

    17 Dec 02
    WOULD you be surprised to know that there is a programme on tonight called Wheelchair Challenge?
    The Grim Reaper

    The challenge, if you can call it such, is for three celebrities to make the journey form Edinburgh to London by wheelchair.

    What an ordeal this is - how cruel to make the likes of Sean Hughes, Tania Strecker (answers on a postcard as to who she is) and Gaby Roslin leave the capital for even a moment.

    Of course, Gaby has a head-start on the other lame ducks, having picked up some tips on wheelchair performance from her stint as a professional hospital visitor on the BBC.

    So prevalent is Ms Roslin's face among the injured and sick that many near-death experiences tell of a blinding light, a smiling face with and a voice saying: "Cut! Cut! Cut!"

    Back at the starting line, Gaby, Sean and Tania are desperate for the off and to tell us how awful being disabled truly is.

    But why not get some already disabled people just to tell us themselves? We could see Sandy who used to be in Crossroads, Emmerdale's Chris Tate and Ironside take on the rail system.

    They might not be as groomed as Gaby and her mates, but, then, who ever looks at disabled people anyhow, let alone wants to see them on television. Not TV producers, that's for sure.

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    I have seen more and more wheelchairs in the background of shows. I forget the name of it but the other night a show had one as a guest star. I wonder if he was real???

    ...act like a survivor not a victim.

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    who ever looks at disabled people anyhow, let alone wants to see them on television.

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    give them a box of laxatives to be eaten in great amounts and continuously ,

    so they can enjoy some of the other thrills that often go with being in a wheelchair !

    bowel moving right along

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    I read it twice and thought it more ironic than offensive.

    IMHO the author was just commenting on how the only way to get the "disability experience" any attention from TV producers is to get glamorous celebrities to pretend to be disabled.

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