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Thread: What do you do for a living?

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    What do you do for a living?

    I am a commercial bill collector for a company called Net Recovery Inc.

    I was a plant operator before my accident and lost that job so I went into
    this field.

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    I'm a former restructuring and reorganization attorney in large scale Chapter 11's (Enron type)decided to get a life...became a trial attorney for the feds and general counsel for a company of which I am a limited member (LLC); and am in the process of setting up a non-profit christian life ministry for people with disabilities.

    I'll never accept---but I will choose to live.

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    Freelance Graphic Artist

    I'm thinking of going into teaching Art in the fall, maybe high school, and going back to college to get my Masters in Fine Art. Though, if I happen to actually sell one of my screenplays, it might start a new career for me as a screenriter. I don't think I'd want to have to move to L.A. though, at least not for long.


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    i'm a college student for a few more days (graduating the 13th! )... & currently do digital photography/production on the side. i'll either pursue more with photography & freelance web design, although i'm sick of computers... i have a potential job if i move down to florida to help start an estate management business... we'll see. it'd be a big move w/ a lot of details to figure out w/ this dumb injury.

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    I'm a Systems Tester Specialist in the IT department of South African Post Office.

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    It's a living

    I'm also an attorney. Worked 3 years as a public defender, 2 years in practice doing family law, 6 years working for the Florida Court Administrator's Office in Fort Myers as a Staff Attorney. It's a living. - Joe

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    I graduated with a BA in psychology 3 years ago and I work for an outpatient mental health facility. I work in a crisis dept. that deals w/ people on an emergency basis. People who are suicidal, homicidal, or psychotic come to our office and we evaluate them for inpatient hospitalization. I've been here for almost 2 years. Right now I'm waiting to hear back from an interview I had at our sister office (which is WAY closer to my house) doing early intervention for children in the school systems. I have to call about it today. Wish me luck!!

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    Software Engineer for about 13 years. Currently create applications that setup smartcards for use.

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    I was a Building Construction Inspector for the Commonwealth of Pa. I was the quality control person for state funded contracts.I was fired after my accident because they said I could no longer do what I was hired to do. Now I am going back to school for Architectural Technology. It will give me an Associates in Applied Science. Then I can decide if I want to continue and become a legal architect. Thank God for the GI Bill and OVR !!!

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    I'm a freelance political journalist for It never pays enough though!

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