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Thread: Mary's Thanksgiving Message

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    Mary's Thanksgiving Message

    Now and again we come to a crossroads in life and we all have to choose our path. If I could draw a picture of roadmap I have been travelling these past months it would be something to see! Scary but interesting. I always like to pause on Thanksgiving morning and think about what it is I really have to be thankful for...this year was easier and harder all at the same time. First thing I thought of this morning was my children of course..then next to treasure my current wellness and mobility. This is easy because now that I am involved in all of this I think about that all the time. I feel as though I have split myself in many directions this year. It was entirely necessary at the time and so I did what I had to do. Much easier to compartmentalize aspects of life than to face it all head on. For those who don't know, I have recently been going through a horrible and acrimonious divorce proceeding. This is a difficult year long process....and I have had to change myself dramatically as a result...I think I put a good part of my brain on the back burner as a MECHANISM of defence...I think I chose to reside in places in myself that were once hidden and compromised by my past. Some of you are aware of this. Through the past year you have all seen me go from a scared unsure nursing student to a self-assured full fledged Registered Nurse. I have gone from a shy quiet non-assertive woman to ---well I don't think I'm so shy anymore! Many people ask me what I want to do wise I'm not so sure... I have an idea, and I need to figure a way to make it happen for me and my I am thankful that I still get ideas everyday! I am at a crossroads of my thinking in all ways it seems ...many people who I listen to all the time for my life have converged on me this week and I think that my biggest point of thankfulness for today is that I am a survivor. Sometimes there are parts of our beings that are starved for attention and need a little focus...I am no stranger to that...this morning when the sun came up I saw things just a bit differently...and I think the lens has shifted and I see things in just a bit of a different light. I am thankful for when I crash into walls, hit the floor and get back up again. Usually when I hit a barrier at full speed it shatters with me...then I get up and it is gone. This morning I got up more more more whining and complaining....I will admit it here my life is good now...and it is going to only get better. I am thankful for that!!!! Here is a list of the few that I am thankful for this morning who have held out their hands to help me along the way in the past two years...I still cannot believe that I fell into the company of seated individuals to learn to take my stand but that is what happened....Steve Crowder...aka Nick Danger I know you lurk around here....just admit it!!! I am thankful for you your boot print is forever imprinted on my bottom!

    Debbie7-----God girl you got guts....I love you.
    Vgrafen------thanks for kicking you know what you know when!!
    PN aka Paul Nussbaum....You are the best.....Hows tricks?
    DA---alright alright I DON'T UNDERSTAND...this much i get...SCISUCKS

    oops i have to drive out of here now.....and more to come tonight later!

    Happy Thanksgiving ALL


    I am so far behind I think I am first....

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    Deep breaths, Mary.

    Oh, and a happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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    Nice thoughts Mary.
    I was once told by a woman, who helped me for 2 years with my personal care, that the world could be divided in two types of people:
    Warriors and Whingers
    She was married twice, widowed twice by car accidents, and brought up 2 children on her own.
    I chose to be a warrior and take control of my life, just as anyone who visits this site is one too.

    "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale blue moonlight?"

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    And more thankfulness... friend and poet laureate!!!! You encourage me! chick I respect you highly have style girl!

    Starlight Angel...A) you are beautiful, and B) you are beautiful!!!

    ChasB....thankful you know how to chase bad dreams away at 3 am!!!

    Dogger... I know know more about sheep than I ever cared to know!!

    Scorpion.....Rus..well you know. You are the best!!!

    FreeJ...voice of reason and responsibility...

    oh i know there are more... i will add as i think or remind me and i will tell you why i am thankful for you...

    happy day!!!!

    I am so far behind I think I am first....

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    Great post and great idea Mary. Maybe we can all say something nice and positive about those we love, admire and/or respect here on CareCure!

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    Beautiful message and great idea Mary.

    I am sure that in spite of all our problems and ongoing battles in life, we still all have something to be thankful for.

    Thank you for your friendship and all you give me Mary. You are a great and wonderful person. May the best follow you everywhere.


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    and more......

    joseph--you are a positive and important member of the community...Justin needs to join us here. you also bought me a really nice lunch that day and I look forward to meeting your family.

    clipper--thanks for chatting and e-mails and how come we have not had that lunch yet? You are a strong one....I love that!!!

    claire--I am glad you are a moderator now you need to be! I enjoyed our conversation last April at the Expo...I hope to see you again one day! your sister still going out with the guy who lives down the road from me?small world huh?

    Curtis---thanks for telling me that I needed to rotate my tires --one was bald...see you saved me!

    dogger--another thing...thank you for helping me from Australia to Virginia the day my basement was flooding. I really looked smart that day!

    x-racer---thanks for the reality are gentle but direct...i think you should go to denmark for an evening with Victoria.

    and more later

    I am so far behind I think I am first....

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