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Thread: Our second set of twins are Here

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    Our second set of twins are Here

    Dear friends - I am pleased and thankful to announce the safe arrival of our
    new babies ! They were delivered on Tuesday November 19th after a 13 hour
    hard ardous induced labor. Ethan Jeffery was born at 7:44 PM naturally
    weighing in at 5 lbs, 10 oz and Alysha-Lynn was born at 8:32 PM via
    c-section due to her being breach and having a short umbilical cord weighing
    in at 5 lbs, 15 oz. The babies are both doing extremely well and I had the
    pleasure of feeding them both while I waited for my wife to return from
    recovery. She is resting comfortably although in quite a bit of pain and
    will be a few days before she is back on her feet. Brandon and Tyler (our
    first set of twins) are ecstatic and were jumping with joy as they greeted
    their brother and sister in the nursery. As you can tell by then names,
    Ethan is a spitten image of his father and brother Tyler and laid back like
    we are and Alisha is a spitten image of her mother and brother Brandon and
    has their feisty attitudes

    Will post pics once I get them downloaded of my digital camera as I am just way too tired now 3 hours sleep in 48 hours ! - Guess I had better get used to it

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    Awesome news!

    A second set of twins!!! Wow!!! That is incredibly cool!! Definitely going to keep you guys busy. Can't wait for the pics. But take your time and get some sleep, first.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Congratulations!!!! Two sets of twins is amazing. I can't wait to see pictures. I love the names.

    My sister has twins boys who will be 24 Nov. 30. I used to spend every summer taking care of them. They were definitely a handful but oh so much fun.

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    Congratulations! Looking forward to pics...

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
    ~ Anon

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    Congratulations Wheelz1 to you and your wife! That is very exciting news! You certainly are going to be busy with two sets of twins. I hope you have lots of help. Isn't it amazing that in both sets of twins, one takes after you, and the other takes after your wife! Babies certainly are miracles.

    Best wishes to you all,


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    Whew... looks like you will have your hands full!


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    Two sets of twins! Wow. That is great. Wise.

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    Hey Wheelz....Thats so great!!!

    Just so you know...when you are up at two am, very are all of us.....see you in the wee small hours!!!


    I am so far behind I think I am first....

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    congratulations to you and your wife , Wheelz.


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